Critique of Dyson Animal

by Lorna Tadic

I hate, hate, hate it. I have two small children and my Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner won't even pick up a popcorn kernel never mind a piece of popcorn.

To clean the "easy to clean canister" I have to reach up inside the filthy thing and pull the dirt out with my hands.

If I have to pick up anything other than dust I have to use it as a canister vacuum and the hose stretches to only about three feet in length when the vacuum is turned on.

The Dyson Animal is the most expensive vacuum cleaner I have ever bought and I hate to say it is the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever bought. I want my money back!!!!!

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May 16, 2011
Dyson Animal
by: Barb

Absolutely love it! We have pets and the Dyson Animal vacuum is the only one that I have ever had that picks up the hair, etc. The tools are really handy and with no bag to worry about, this vacuum is wonderful. If there is a problem, call them, they send a box, you send it to them, they fix it and send it back within a week no charge.

Mar 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have had 2 dysons----they start off sucking the carpet off the floor, but within months there are problems that the "authorized repairmen" in Oklahoma City can't seem to fix. I've now spent over a $1000 on Dysons (new filters due to "mold". . .hmmmmh. . . broken belts every other week) and now have to go out and purchase another machine. Guess what it won't be???DYSON!!!

Feb 27, 2011
Dyson pet
by: cindy mcmahan

I read the reviews of Many vacuums and almost did not buy the Dyson - BUT thank gosh I did. I have a new home- the carpet and everything was re-done 1 yr. ago.

We got home and decided to TRY the vacuum. OH MY GOSH! The DIRT that it pulled out of the carpet was un-real.. I was so shocked to see that in new carpet! We were just looking for a vacuum to pick up the dog hair, this has the best performance of any. We are getting ready to take it to my moms and our neighbors home to "see" their dirt! This has the "suction" and performance anyone would need...

Jan 04, 2011
dyson animal ball
by: Leslie

i am sadly disappointed with my dyson animal ball. i have three dogs and two cats and haven't seen the results that i had hoped for. if there is hair or dust on the furniture, as you go by the vacuum blows it into the air. i can see more hair flying through the air than i am vacuuming up!

Dec 13, 2010
It truly sucks
by: Anonymous

It may be the most wonderful vacuum ever invented, but the first experience we had was when the motor fried itself because of, in the words of the service center 11 miles from our home, the filter was full of mold. This is the filter I cleaned as per instructions. Motor replacement, $0, because of warranty. The service center, the only warranty authorized in Oklahoma City, charged $40 for a new filter(remember, it was filled with mold), the same filter is $20 from Dyson on line,
Last week, Dyson DC-17 tossed a belt. Not available on line. The local service center, still 11 miles from home, wants $15. The next nearest parts center, 6 miles from home, says $10. has a source $8.48, including shipping. Guess where I went.
Consumer Reports says the Hoover Platinum Bag is tops at half the price I paid for this Dyson. The nearest Hoover service center is three blocks from home. Dyson didn't put a product in the top fifteen of Consumer Reports. Our first Dyson will be our only Dyson.

Oct 30, 2010
Dyson Animal
by: Bill Schroeder

Good for wood/tile floors.
VERY MEDIOCRE for carpet.

For getting dog hair [in this case- Labrador] off the carpet you have to do two things: first move the Dyson Animal vacuum very slowly- too fast will inhibit the kick back ability of the brushes.

Second, you have to hold the handle rather upright-if you go lower than approximately a 45 degree angle the ability is diminished and the dog hair will stick to the plastic bottom of the handle via static electricity.

I noticed this when we first brought it home and contacted Dyson- was told they had never heard of the static hair stick issue. It figures as this vacuum was designed by an engineer from a country where wall to wall carpet is not very common. You can see the problem easily when, while vacuuming on carpet- change from the brush function to the suck function. All the hair sticking to the bottom will rub off on your carpet!

I'm keeping the Dyson Animal for our wood floors but buying a vacuum that has excellent carpet ratings such as the Hoover Windtunnel.

FYI this review is not a Dyson Ball vacuum but based on my experience I would advise people to avoid Dyson if they have a fair amount of carpet.

May 08, 2010
Dyson Animal
by: Anonymous

I hate the Dyson Animal vacuum. It's heavy, bulky, and poorly designed. Every time I use it, I suffer some sort of bruise, cut, or bodily harm.

The hose attachment is not very pliable, and unless in it right position, it makes using it like a tug of war. If you maneuver it in certain ways, reaching under furniture and the like, if it's not exactly straight, the vacuum will come hurling towards you, or fall over.

In addition, it boasts being able to reach up an entire flight of stairs, but if you live in a home that has 12 foot ceilings, your top three steps are going to miss out, and you have to haul the machine up the stairs, anyway.

The on board attachments are only lightly attached, and easily fall off when you bump the vacuum into something or merely by virtue of lugging it up a staircase or to another room. The cord has a side attachment to the unit, which is a pain if you need to turn in the opposite direction, and I have spent countless times, weaving the hose back under the cord where it's attached.

The hose handle is terribly uncomfortable, and again, if your hose is even slightly twisted, the handle is always fighting you and painful to hold.

The roller on the main head does not accommodate thick carpeting, and if you turn the roller off, the vacuum isn't any more effective in this mode than my old Oreck. I have area rugs, and two of them have thick pile that will render the most horrific sound from the vacuum.

The carpets can only be cleaned from one direction. There is no on board seat from the floor attachment, which I use most, so try lugging this heavy beast in one hand and carrying attachments in the other.

The Dyson Animal does clean well, and empties easily. However, while Mr. Dyson may have designed a vacuum that does clean well, I don't think he's actually ever used one.

May 05, 2010
Dyson Animal
by: Irene Schreiber

I love this powerful vacuum, so much so that I bought the hand held too. I have had my Dyson Animal for 3 years and last week the handle just broke off and cut my hand very badly.

So, now I can no longer lift this very heavy machine upstairs. I have never had this happen with any vacuum before, I did not drop it or cause any thing to make this happen, so it can only be a stress break.

Anyone else had this happen?

Jan 30, 2010
Dyson DC24 All Floors
by: ron

I've owned a Dyson DC24 All Floors vacuum cleaner for less than 6 months. I dropped the plastic bin while removing it to clean the filter and it cracked in 4 places!

I called Dyson and their 5-year parts replacement policy is an utter joke! The rep on the phone told me it was impossible to crack that plastic bin with a hammer.

I told him, listen dude, I didn't use a hammer, it just dropped to the floor from waist level. I was then told to go to a dealer and pay for a replacement!

Dec 31, 2009
I have a dyson pet model
by: Dawn

I have not been happy with my Dyson. It doesn't get under the kick space in the kitchen, it doesn't get under anything, and the pet hair gets into the cyclone apparatus and clogs it. I called repair places and they told me it took a special tool to open that area and most repairmen don't get it because it is expensive and they don't like working on Dysons.

I have a sheltie, so after I worked 3 hours at getting all the hair out with every imaginable brush on a stick and coat hanger thingy I could make, I found that I could not vaccum more than a room or two before emptying the container or the same thing would happen.

Also, when on bare floors with the brush off, I don't find the suction up to par.

I also don't like the design of the on board tool holders, and the cord isn't stored in as convenient a fashion as it could be.

I'm over Dysons on this one ( not to mention their commercial now for the "ball" series. Zooming around a room with the thing like they do won't clean %80 of the room. Going back and forth in an overlapping pattern is the only way to get a carpet clean.)

Nov 01, 2009
Love my Dyson Animal vacuum
by: VICKI B.

LOVE THIS !!! The suction is amazing even after 3 years, I do rescue work and always have several animals. really makes cleaning a breeze. I am still amazed as to what comes out of my carpets, WOW, nothing else has worked liked my Dyson. Buy one you will LOVE IT !!!

Oct 17, 2009
Dyson Animal (with Ball)
by: Anonymous

Seems to clean the carpet okay and it's lightweight BUT... short cord, pet hair has to be pulled out of canister, wand is too much of a hassle to use, and I can't find a place to attach upholstery roller brush. This vacuum will be returned to the place of purchase tomorrow. For $500.00 (on sale) I need to have more of what I like.

Aug 18, 2009
Don't Recommend The Dyson's The Animal
by: Kikiann

I have to say, for spending $500.00 on this Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner, I feel ripped off. It is a very heavy vacuum.

After 1 month of use, the hose tore at the top and bottom. It is supposed to be a telescoping wand for cleaning stairs and the hose tore. It is a very heavy vacuum and carrying it up stairs is not an easy task. The upholstery cleaning device does not clean. It will rotate when you attach it to the hose, but as soon as you place it on furniture or curtains, it stops turning.

I called Dyson and had a new one sent out and it did the same thing. This vacuum is supposed to be for pet owners, as I have 3 dogs and 1 cat, I vacuum every other day, this vacuum does not do what it claims.

I would not recommend it to anyone and wish I would have done more research before spending so much money. My only positive is I like the purple color and that is definitely not worth the amount of money this vacuum costs.

Jul 26, 2009
the purple animal one
by: valerie cleffi

I actually recommended the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner to 3 other people who bought it for the cleaning ability.

BUT I am very unhappy about the hose. I use my extension hose 3 times a week in order to clean every thing that flies into the corners and walls. Well seems like it doesn't hold up for someone like me who likes to use their vacuum hose. My hose splits apart like every 6 months to a year.

I probablly had to replace at least 5 or 6 at this point. It is so frustrating. Dyson sent me the first couple but now I have to keep paying like 40?? $ each hose.

I could have bought a new cleaner by now. When I asked a rep about this problem I didn't get much care. I right now have mine duct taped because it is getting too expensive.

Jul 29, 2008
Hate My Dyson too
by: Anonymous

I have the animal dyson as well and it has been to the repair shop 4 times already. I would never ever ever buy another one! Not to mention, none of the repairs have been covered. My cord burned up inside the unit, the on off button has malfunctioned twice now amoung numerous other issues. I HATE dyson vacuums!!! I did have high hopes when I spent all that money on a vaccuum cleaner but it has disappointed me the whole way. And no, it doesn't pick up much of anything. Those wonderful filters that you should wash every 6 months, well we have two now and wash them on a regular basis and do you think that helps? NO! Save your money, especially if you have pets and buy something else!!!

Apr 09, 2008
Avoid Dyson
by: Melinda

Having worked my way through various models ..DC01, DC03,DC07 during the past few years..

I have to report that every single one of them starts off fantastic but within a couple of months they are useless. I've experienced lack of suction, pipes splitting, nozzles falling off.

The last one cost me £350.00 and lasted about 7 advice cheap and change often. Don't bother with Dyson they are a waste of money.

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