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Dyson vacuum cleaners were developed by James Dyson, a man who realized that there were fatal flaws in the design of most vacuums.

He set out to design a vacuum cleaner that could avoid the annoyance of clogging and provide lots of suction power.

The same importance for a Dyson model was that it must be very easy to use.

His design took 5 years to perfect and he created over 5000 prototypes before he found the design that he felt was a high quality vacuum that encompassed all the major considerations when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner.

The original design flaw that James Dyson wanted to correct was the vacuum cleaner's tendency to lose suction power over a period of time.

The invention of the Root Cyclone Technology system corrected this problem.

Why Dyson Vacuums

If you are interested in picking up a Dyson vacuum cleaner, here's what you need to know:

Dyson extension hose

1. All Dyson vacuums are bagless. That means they don't require dirt bags. The Dysons don't clog or choke on dust/dirt.

2. Well designed vacuuming accessories. For example: most Dysons come with a rather long extension hose that makes it really easy to clean carpets on stairways, or a large room without having to re-plug the machine every so often.

One can simply clip the attachments to the vacuum when not needed, and attach them quickly when required.

3. Most Dysons come with HEPA filters that offer Hypo-Allergenic filtering. They are excellent machines for people who suffer from any sort of air borne allergies. The filters are washable, durable, and have a long life.

That being said, there have been cases where consumers have had to change their filter within 3 years. But, since replacing filters is not very expensive, buying a replacement filter won't pinch your pocket. Make sure you always buy genuine Dyson filters and spare parts to ensure your purchases are covered by proper warranty.

Dyson ball system

4. Excellent maneuverability. 'The Ball' feature in Dyson vacuums is an excellent mechanism that allows consumers to pull/push and maneuver the vacuum cleaner around at home.

This feature has been a hit with consumers as it provides tremendous flexibility.

5. Constant suction. Dyson machines do not lose suction like some bagged vacuums. Thanks to the Root Cyclone technology they keep the suction power high all the time.

Types of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson manufactures three types of vacuum cleaners:

1. Uprights,
2. Canisters, and
3. Handhelds

The following Dyson vacuum reviews include all machines that we have tested thoroughly with our suite of tests and measurements. The main model missing from the list is the Dyson DC41 which we hope to review soon.

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners

One of the most beneficial features of Dyson uprights is the fact that they have a five-year warranty period. Other than that, all upright Dyson vacuum cleaners are bagless and cleaning the dust cap is an easy affair.

Of course, suction power, accessories, and other features like the Ball swivel base are pretty much standard for all Dysons across the board.

Main upright vacuum models available are - DC14, DC17, DC24, DC25, DC28, DC33 and DC41 among others.

Upright Dyson Vacuum Reviews

Dyson DC41 Animal

Price Range: Over $500
The Dyson DC41 Ball Animal bagless vacuum is the most effective cleaning machine we've tested so far. The DC41 cleans carpeting, hardfloors and pet hair with ease and with its wide 13 inch cleaning head it's also very efficient. The Ball technology makes it very easy to maneuver despite its heavy weight.

Best for: Cleaning pet hair on any surface. If you don't own pets, you can opt for more affordable vacuums with similar cleaning capabilities.

Dyson DC24 Ball

Price Range: $300-$400
While most Dyson vacuum cleaners are fairly heavy, the DC24 All Floors is a light weight, compact bagless vacuum with the Ball base that ensures maneuverability will never be a problem again. This vac solves the issue of cleaning hard to reach and high areas with the reversible wand attachment. The motorized carpet brush bar and washable HEPA filter are the standard features. One of the best selling Uprights from the Dyson's stable.

Best for: a good choice for cleaning small apartments or homes. Despite the 'lightweight' tag, it is more than capable of cleaning all floors.

Dyson DC25 All Floors

Price Range: $400-$500
Just like the DC24, the Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner has superior maneuverability. The differences from the lightweight version are, the DC25 has more powerful suction, a larger dust bin, and the wand simply extends from the machine and doesn't have to get detached. One underrated attribute that the Dyson Ball has is it's excellent edge cleaning capabilities.

Best for: The DC25 is ideal for larger homes with both carpeting and hard floors.

Dyson DC28 Animal Airmuscle

Price Range: over $500
The 'Airmuscle' technology of the DC28 Animal offers precise adjustment of the cleaner head for cleaning any type of floor, whether carpets, rugs, or hard floors. The Motorized brush bar that can be switched on for cleaning carpets, and off for hard floor cleaning is another good feature. The DC28 Animal & All Floors models have been wining fantastic reviews from consumers across various online stores.

Best for: homes having plenty of carpeted flooring plus hairy pets. This upright is a good bet for those who live in large houses and/or suffer from airborne allergies. This is a large and bulky machine though.

Dyson DC33 Multi Floor

Price Range: $300-$400
The Dyson DC33 Multi Floor vacuum doesn't fit into tight corners and spaces because of its bulky size, but the wide path and powerful suction makes for quick cleaning of carpets and hard floors.

Best for: larger homes with wide open spaces and mostly carpeted flooring.

Dyson DC14 All Floors

Price Range: $300-$400
The DC14 is an earlier model of a Dyson upright and it comes in All Floors and Animal versions. We tested the All Floors model and while it was heavy to move around it does offer great suction. Your best bet at the moment is to get a refurbished one. One of our reviewers has been using it for three years and he is still very pleased with its performance even though he tests a new, more modern vacuum cleaner almost every week.

Best for: large areas with carpets, not much furniture, and no stairs (hard to maneuver). Can deal with pet hair easily.

Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Hard floors and carpets demand a canister vacuum with tremendous suction ability, and that's what Dyson canister vacuums are equipped with. Canister vacuums are versatile and can be carried up and down staircases making cleaning staircase carpets or floors easy.

Dyson Canister Vacuum Reviews

Dyson DC23 Turbinehead

Price Range: $300-$400
The Dyson DC23 Turbinehead has an ergonomic design making it extremely suitable for homes with stairs. The long wand allows reaching in tight corners, under furniture, or high reaching places, while the famous Dyson suction power sucks out all the dust and dirt from these places. The brush bar with its turbine head air power, gives you deep, deeper and thorough cleaning for carpets etc.

Best for: keeping staircases and short pile carpets dust and dander free. You can also use this canister vac to clean your car.

Dyson DC26 City

Price Range: $300-$400
Dyson DC26 City offer big suction in a small package! Lightweight and small in size, this canister has a HEPA filter and cleans your home's floor quietly. Best used for effective cleaning of hard floors.

Best for: smallish apartments or flats like studio apartments. Use it to clean hard floor or short pile carpets. Ideal for those who suffer from air borne allergies.

Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson handhelds differ from other handheld vacuum cleaners by their superior suction and bagless design. The one disadvantage of such high suction is high energy consumption therefore they typically last just over 5 minutes. That's usually more than enough for quick cleanups.

Handheld Dyson Vacuum Reviews

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless

Price Range: $300-$400
The DC59 is another iteration of the popular and efficient cordless vacuum cleaner by Dyson and it just keeps getting better and better. It's one of the best vacuums for stair cleaning that we've tested so far and one of the least noisy ones.

Best for: staircases, cars and hard to reach places.

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim

Price Range: $200-$300
The DC35 Digital Slim has proven to be one of the most powerful handhelds as per our tests. Fitted with the digital motor that offers hi-speed cleaning, this cordless vac has dual power modes - 15 minutes of constant powerful suction or 6 minutes of MAX suction power for tough cleaning and a detachable long-reach hose.

Best for: fast cleaning of floors, staircases, and even cars.

Dyson DC16 Root6

Price Range: $100-$200
The Dyson DC16 handheld with its continuous suction power and short charging time (3 hours, which is still less as compared to other handheld models), is a small and light weight cordless. Its trap door dirt container makes it easy to dump out the collected garbage a stress-free affair.

Best for: cleaning even the toughest spills and quick cleaning requirements.

The Dyson Difference

In order to stay ahead of the competition, most consumer products manufacturers are spending huge sums of money on research and development of technology to improve the consumer experience. Dyson is no different.

After the success achieved with use of Ball and Root Cyclone technologies, the 'carbon-free' motors are the next big advancement with the Dyson vacuum cleaners. Essentially, a carbon free motor has a longer life and functions more smoothly as compared with other branded motors. The Dyson motors are small and light, yet powerful enough to offer super suction as per company's claim.

The vacuum motor is digital, i.e. its mechanism is controlled via a microchip that has the ability to generate 88,000 RPM! In layman terms, this means that a Dyson vac's motor is five times faster than a F1 racing car's engine. And a faster motor means a quicker and cleaner vacuuming process.

The Verdict - Experts And Consumers on Dyson Vacuums

Our Verdict

Based on our reviews of Dyson vacuum cleaners, we can summarize the Good and the Bad into these points:

The Good

  • Excellent accessories. Arguably the best range in the market.
  • Dyson machines boast of advanced technologies like Root cyclone, Ball system, and digital motor (all explained above)
  • All Dysons are bagless and most come with HEPA filters making them an excellent choice for those having airborne allergies from dust, pet dander, or pollen.

The Bad

  • More expensive compared to other branded models with similar features.
  • The portable DC16 and DC35 have a short battery life, and can stop working after just 6 minutes of cleaning (only on high for the DC35), leaving us hanging.
  • Questionable durability. Many vacuum stores deal with repairing Dysons frequently because users don't wash filters as often as they should and because the materials used to construct these vacuum cleaners are not that durable.

Consumer Reviews on Dysons

Based on the consumers reviews we've gathered from our site and from other online review websites like Amazon.com, this is what consumers think about Dyson vacuum cleaners:

The Good

  • Amazing cleaning (suction) power!
  • Easy assembly of the machine
  • Ease of using the attachments

The Bad

  • The cost
  • The weight
  • Short electric cord (especially for the canister models)

It's true that you get the quality you pay for. Perhaps, that may explain why Dyson vacuum cleaners are priced high.

For example: The Dyson DC25 Animal is priced at $475, while the DC24 All Floors costs $364 on Amazon.com. That being said, the prices vary per model.

Now, if despite knowing the verdicts you are still interested in a bagless vacuum cleaner with some of the best cleaning accessories in the market that makes it easy to clean lots of pet hair in the carpets then a Dyson is your best bet.

However, if you have a staircase and can't lug a heavy machine then opt for a different brand.

One thing remains unchanged. That is the user experience. And Dyson vacuum cleaners make sucking the dust and dirt out of your home look so easy that it's almost pleasurable, if nothing else!

Where to buy Dyson vacuums online?

Based on our research we've narrowed down the massive amount of choices you have to just 4 online stores:

Where to Buy?

  • Amazon.com - the most popular online store offers full selection of all Dyson vacuum cleaners, including uprights, canisters and handhelds.
  • Dyson.com - the offical website also allows you to purchase Dyson models directly from the website and allows you to read Dyson reviews of each models before you buy.
  • Witvac.com - an online store selling only Dyson models. They also provide you with a Dyson buying guide and comparison charts making it easier to decide which model to buy.

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