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High Price And High Ratings

Kirby vacuum cleaners are known for their high price and yet most of the consumer reviews for the vacuums themselves on are very high. Many reviews of the independent distributors and door-to-door salesmen, however, are quite negative.

At Vacuum Wizard we invite all our visitors to share their experiences with the vacuums they have used in their homes or businesses. On this page, you can see all the Kirby reviews left by visitors to our site.

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Kirby Vacuum Reviews And Consumer Reports

  • Kirby-G5-Upright-Vacuum
    Kirby G5 Upright Vacuum With Shampoo Attachment
    I have had my Kirby G5 upright vacuum cleaner since the 90’s. I had never used the shampooer in my current home (7 years old), which has ...
  • Kirby-G3-Vacuum
    Kirby Generation 3 Vacuum
    My parents, and by extension me since I had the vacuuming chores, have owned one of these beasts since 1991 and it has been rock solid in terms ...
  • Kirby-G4-Vacuum
    Kirby G2000 Review
    I am Dutch and I bought my Kirby in Holland. It took me several years before I made up my mind to just buy it. I never regretted it. When I ...
  • Kirby Sentria Home Care System
    Kirby Sentria Home Care System
    The Sentria Home Care System by Kirby is the BEST vacuum. It is built for durability and the cleaning results are great. Professional cleaners ...
  • Kirby-G4-Vacuum
    Kirby Generation 4
    I have owned a G-4 model for 14 years. My parents had a Kirby also so I have essentially grown up with one. I have pretty bad allergies so I felt ...
  • Kirby Sentria Home Care System
    Kirby Sentria Disappointment
    Oh where do I even begin? Well lets see. I had purchused a kirby sentria vacume about 2 weeks ago and let me assure you that it has been nothing ...
  • Kirby-G6-Vacuum
    Kirby G6
    The Kirby G6 vacuum cleaner is sold door-to-door — high pressure sales. My husband liked how it picked up added dirt our old vacuum ...
  • Kirby-Heritage-II
    Kirby Heritage II
    I purchased a Kirby Heritage II vacuum cleaner new in 1997. I wheeled and dealed until I got basic machine and shampooer and zip brush for half ...
  • the-kirby-ultimate-g-diamond-edition
    The Kirby Ultimate G Diamond Edition
    My experience with Kirby began with the arrival of two delightful young women on my doorstep. They were all primed to give me the whoop-de-do ...
  • Kirby G 2000 Vacuum
    Kirby G 2000
    My wife and I purchased our Kirby G 2000 new in 2000 to keep our new home’s carpets clean. I inherited an older Kirby from my grandfather ...
  • Kirby Vacuum And Salesman
    I refuse to pay $2500 for a vacuum cleaner, no matter how good it is. The Kirby salesman stayed for 3 1/2 hours even though my girlfriend was ...

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