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Can Kirby Vacuums Justify The High Price?

Kirby vacuum cleaners are one of the most reliable vacuums in the market. Find out what makes Kirby vacuums so special.

The Kirby Corporation is based in Cleveland, Ohio and is mainly in the business of manufacturing vacuum cleaners and other home cleaning accessories.

Instead of spending huge sums of money on print or electronic advertising, the only way to get a Kirby vacuum cleaner is by door to door sales.

And like any other brand they also come in all variations with numerous additional parts, accessories and models with or without bags.

Kirby's price is significantly higher than any of its competitors but they have still been able to penetrate a sizeable section of the mass. This has been mainly because of the quality of their vacuum cleaners renowned for their power, versatility and durability.

They have also retained the look of the 1930s thus creating an easily recognizable image for themselves. Their present models come with Micron Magic HEPA Filtration system, and a Circular-Dri Foam shampoo attachment.

How To Buy A Kirby Vacuum?

The sales of Kirby vacuum cleaners are unique in that they are based on door-to-door sales and this is not practiced by any of the major companies. A customer can ask for a demonstration on any of the models which the salesperson would then bring to the prospective consumer's place.

This is when the deal is either made or not. The salesperson has got only one chance to convince his consumer.

The general method is to ask the prospective buyer to bring his old vacuum cleaner with which a part of the room is cleaned by the demonstrator.

Then the demonstrator takes out the Kirby vacuum cleaner and cleans the same area to prove that the older vacuum cleaner is no match to the Kirby.

This is a very engaging demonstration and most consumers are very pleased with the results.

If the customer is satisfied and shows interest in buying the product an initial price is quoted which is also negotiable.

If both parties settle on a figure then the customer is sold the cleaner with which the demonstration has been given. The customer is also briefed in detail as to how to use their specific model of the Kirby vacuum cleaners family.

However there have been complains regarding Kirby's selling techniques. It has been said they are too aggressive and even try to push their cleaning units to people like senior citizens who wouldn't be able to handle such machines.

And then there is the problem with negotiable price. Often customers who pay more, only to find out his neighbor paid much less, feel cheated of their hard earned money.

Kirby is aware of the problem and is trying to tackle it. Any agent who is found to make wrong usage of the Kirby selling scheme is immediately disqualified from the Kirby team.

The warranty offered by Kirby is also special. Though it varies from model to model, no model comes with less than three years of warranty which is a lot when compared to other companies.

In fact the latest model that Kirby has introduced, the Ultimate G Diamond Edition, comes with a lifetime warranty.

So we can conclude Kirby is a mixed bag.

They treat you personally to demos, offer you top quality Kirby vacuum cleaners but you will have to pay a price for that and if you don't know how to bargain be prepared to pay a few bucks more than your neighbor.

Kirby Vacuum Consumer Reviews

Kirby Sentria Home Care System

The most common praise of the Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner is that it really cleans up the floors and the air. Consumers do agree that the Sentrai vacuum is quite heavy.

Kirby Generation 3

The Kirby Generation 3 vacuum is called a "tank" of vacuums. It's heavy and it annihilates dust with ease. Scan over the reviews to learn more...

Kirby Heritage II

The Kirby Heritage II is another powerful and big upright vacuum from Kirby that typically lasts over 10 years. Many people report still using it 20 years after they bought it.

Kirby Generation 4

The Kirby Generation 4 vacuum is typically pricey as most other Kirby vacuum cleaners but consumers report that it's worth the price since they've used it for 15 years or more.

Kirby G5

The Kirby G5 vacuum has been described by consumers as very durable, somewhat noisy and heavy but with excellent carpet cleaning performance.

Kirby Ultimate G Diamond Edition

The Ultimate G Diamond Edition from Kirby vacuum receives no complaints about its power or ability to clean pet hair. It is self-propelled so it's easy to maneuver despite its weight.

Kirby G 2000

The G2000 Kirby is praised for its cleaning power but it has been selling at a very high price. It's also extremely durable with consumers reporting using the G2000 for over 16 years.