Shark Bagless V1310PT

My husband bought the Shark Bagless V1310PT vacuum cleaner while I was in the hospital last year.

The belt broke after one year. I can only be replaced by ordering it on line... a problem if you are in the middle of cleaning. It took 8 days to arrive.

To replace it, you must essentially take the vacuum apart, removing 9 hidden tiny screws. Once back together, the on off button doesn't work.

I have spent about 6 hours now trying to change the belt, not including the shipping time. It's going out in the trash tomorrow, and I am researching substitutes tonight. A definite don't buy!!!

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Sep 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

It worked the very first time i used it. Then it wouldn't suck anything into the wind tunnel.. so i thought it was the belt. Took it apart which was a nightmare in itself, took about 3 hrs and when I took all the screws off and basically had to take the whole thing apart the belt was fine. I then put it back together(ugh) and it wouldn't start... I took it apart AGAIN and finally got it to where it would start and it still didn't work... PC OF CRAP!!! The only good thing is that I called Kmart and they will take it back...

Jul 03, 2011
by: pam

When it works, it works great. My problem is the hose gets clogged and it is impossible to access. Can someone please tell me how to unclog the hose?

Jun 16, 2011
Love It
by: Anonymous

I have 3 cats and have own this vac for over 3 years and never had a problem! It works great on getting up the cat hair! The filters are easy to clean and i have never had a problem of the vac losing suction!

Mar 29, 2011
Shark V1310VP N
by: Anonymous

Worth owning for first use, then... My wife bought the Shark V1310VP N vacuum for pet hair (main selling point) when our two Beagle puppies started shedding.

The product is so sensitive due to over engineering that the filters must be cleaned out during use and is prone to clogs. The belt broke after maybe 20 uses which is probably expected by manufacturer because a spare is included with new vac.

Changing the belt requires removing nine screws and then figuring out how to remove agitator which wasn't that bad except the procedure described in the manual leaves out a couple of details and describes parts that aren't there and the picture is too small to clearly show details.

Then the real fun starts. I have not yet found a local outlet to buy a replacement belt so... The manual refers to both a customer support phone number and a website to order parts.

I chose the website after reading reviews on this site but the website doesn't respond as well as most other sites of this kind and when I tried "live chat" I had to wait several minutes for initial contact and a few more to be told that parts can only be ordered by phone.


1) Product is inconvenient to use and doesn't perform all that well and requires lots of maintenance to function at all.

2) Parts availability is limited and seems to be that way to maximize profits at customers expense (both financial and convenience).

3) Customer support sucks (I'm shouting that). I do not recommend this product and am not interested in doing any more business with this company.

Mar 04, 2011


Feb 03, 2011
If it works
by: Ryan

great vacuum if you dont mind it breaking down, parts imposible to find, SHARK costumer service sucks. Works great when its running correctly.

Jan 23, 2011
Do Not Buy A Shark
by: Dave

I give this product NO stars.... From day 1 this Vacuum gave us problems. We were simply vacuuming my daughters room and the hose clogged. Once taking apart the hose and unclogging, we took the vacuum downstairs and started cleaning and the belt broke. Within 10 minute's the vacuum was broke twice. So I replaced the belt and within 2 days the belt was broke again. So I threw it in the trash. Do yourself a favor, don't buy this product. I know own a Hoover Vacuum and it hasn't gave me ANY trouble at all.

Nov 19, 2010
Great, when it works
by: rudy

I've tried to get the base apart several times. Either there are screws I can't see, or something else is going on - The base just will not seperate. Also, one of the screws clamping the hose had a stripped head before I ever got around to looking at it, so I can't clear a clog that gets in there. Clean filters, but still no suction when the filters are in place. what gives?

don't buy this whatever you do

Oct 29, 2010
by: Detail Oriented

I'm am thinking of purchasing this vacuum cleaner and, like most people, reading the pros and cons before I try it out in a store to determine how much suction the vacuum has (Amperage does not determine a vacuum's ability to product suction, just its ability to consume electricity.) What I do find is a huge amount of people who are apparently so unhappy with this vacuum cleaner that they gave it a 5 star rating, which alone, says a lot as far as I'm concerned. If you cannot figure out a star rating system, perhaps that's why you can't find parts or unclog a hose. I did not bother changing the 5 star default becuase, with the number of 5 star rated reviews that clearly weren't meant to be, one more 5 star rating won't affect the overall outcome.

Oct 19, 2010
ONE of the best vacs i ever had
by: exo

I have had this vac for over 5 years. Sure, I've had to disassemble and reassemble a few times. But for the few dollars I've spent on this, I can't rave enough about it. I'm not an expert, but, I can unscrew and screw.
I have had a few clogs and I am able to unclog, sure, it might take a day for repairs, but any simple handyman can do it.
I have even replaced the belt. I have taken apart the wand and jerry-rigged it back into place.
It is silly to waste your money by throwing these wonderful pieces of machinery away! Give them to me!!
For the price and even repairs, I would pick Shark any day!!

Oct 10, 2010
worse vac ever
by: Anonymous

Had it for two months, used it about 4 times and belt broke. did not vacuum anything stringy or hard. Removed 11 screws and took two of us to remove roller, replaced everything (anyone need a vacuum assembler?), turned vacumm on, sounded great! Swiped once with vacuum over rug and NEW belt broke!!! I'd say it sucks but it DON'T! Hate it!

Jul 27, 2010
Shark not the best.
by: Anonymous

Buy a Rainbow Sweeper instead and never buy another sweeper. All hair and dirt go into water and you just dump it out and add new water.
Best sweeper ever !

Jul 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have loved this vac for the couple of months that I've used it, but it sucked up some yarn and the belt broke. Since it came with a spare belt, I sat down with the manual and a screwdriver. I am very handy and very good with manuals, but no luck. I cannot get the brush roller loose. I've read and reread the manual, removed extra screws, and now I'm searching online for advice from others. A great vac, but difficult to replace belt. I'm not throwing it out (yet), but I still don't know if I can get it apart, much less back together.

Jul 17, 2010
Changing the belt
by: Anonymous

I live in Kailua Kona, a small town in Hawaii. There is one vacuum store in town and they don't carry Shark belts. I opted to check online to see if I could find it elsewhere. Sears does carry it but its $31. You can order it from for $16 but the shipping to Hawaii is more expensive than the belts themselves. I refuse to spend $50 to buy a replacement belt that's just insane. So I headed back to the vacuum store to see if they could find the closest thing to it. I purchased a similar belt for $6. I replaced the belt and the vacuum worked wonderfully for all of five minutes before the brand new belt broke on me. Two belts broken in one day. Now I have to wait 10 "business days" (which if you live in Hawaii you know it's gonna be more like 14) for replacement belts to come in the mail because it's my only option. All I want to do is clean my house and I'm stuck with a broom and dustpan! As far as durability, this vacuum is a sissy! It has good suction but when it comes to keeping up with other vacuums I've owned, I feel like I've honestly been fooled!

Jun 24, 2010
Great Buy!!!!!
by: Pleased as Punch

I really don't understand why there are so many bad experiences with this vacuum posted here. I bought this model at Kmart 7 months ago and have had no problems whatsoever. The model came with a replacement belt which I have not needed yet. I purchased Kmart's replacement plan for only $8 so I'm covered for a year on malfunctions, and I suggest keeping your receipts for at least that long on household appliance purchases in case there's a manufacturer defect which can happen with ANY product. I'm am just now getting ready to order new filters from and have been washing them regularly to keep the suction power strong. My husband vacuumed our living room and bed room last night and filled up the dust cup with dog hair from our Lab and Corgi (big shedders) so he emptied it (takes two seconds by the way) and vacuumed again on the next closest setting to the floor and filled the dust cup again. So as far as pet hair pickup goes, we've never been happier. This vacuum does MUCH better than a similar priced Bissell that we had for less than a year before dying. I would recommend this model and brand to EVERYONE!

Jun 07, 2010
You people are so dumb!

I have 2 dogs that shed constantly, plus pollen and dust and whatever else decides to float in my house. I've bougnt vacuums that cost 4 times as much and work 1/10th as well. It never clogs, never loses suction, super easy to clean filters, which I do about every 5 vacuums. All you do is rinse. Seriously people, cant find belt so the vacuum has to go? Hello! there are vacuum stores everywhere! go there, they'll replace the belt for cheap. Plus mine actually came with a replacment belt, which I've never had to use. If you can find someone with any knowledge on a screwdriver, you can fix this thing if it breaks. Jeez, you expect everything to work perfect forever, its not that big of a deal.

Apr 08, 2010
by: LW

This vacuum does a great job picking up pet hair and very small fine dust particle. So I am very pleased with the suction and cleaning properties.The biggest problem is with replacing the belt when it breaks. There are many screws and it takes about 25min to take the wheels and covers (top & bottom cover to get to the belt on the brush roller). You also need to have a long and thin phillips screwdriver to fit in the screw holes. But once you get to it the belt is simple to replace and you DON'T HAVE TO USE SHARK BELTS. YOU CAN USE DIRT DEVIL 4/5 REPLACEMENT VACUUM BELTS. THEY WORK PERFECTLY-AND ONLY COST ABOUT $5. BEST OS ALL YOU DON'T HAVE TO ORDER FROM THE NET. ANY KMART ,WALMART ETC STOCKS THEM.

Apr 01, 2010
I Did It!
by: Anonymous

I used that Resolve Dry Vacuum Shampoo. It did a great job cleaning the carpet - but clogged the vacuum horribly. I FINALLY located the "clog cover" - found the FOUR screws to remove the cover AND hose - and I fixed the Clog! whew. finally I am up and running again. And, as said below, I frequently clean the filter. It does a nice job for me. :)

Mar 20, 2010
Really user unfriendly!
by: Anonymous

I was pleased with this machine for a few months. We have an Aussie and cats and this did a good job of getting their hair picked up. But I must have gotten something more than dirt and hair under the wheels and it is now clogged. I've spent HOURS and HOURS reading the manual, finding the right long Philips screwdrivers, undoing the MANY screws, using various tools to pull out the clogged stuff...took it to the garage and used the shop vac to suck, then blew into every opening we could find. Nothing has worked! Nothing goes into the dirt comes out in dust clouds from under the vacuum and messes up the house. I had really liked the machine and hate to give up, but refuse to spend any more days on this project. Now I'm reading on this site that I'll really be sorry when the belt breaks...that means dismantling the machine and ordering the belt, etc. TALK ABOUT USER UNFRIENDLY!!!!!

Feb 21, 2010
Shark Bagless Vac is Wack!
by: Anonymous

I have just spent the last 3 hours trying to unclog this vacuum. It has me so upset right now, I threw it across my living room into the kitchen with hopes of going through the kitchen window.

There is virtually no support for the product and it does take forever to receive new belts. "Lifetime of belts? Who's lifetime? I'm not a cat, I don't have 9! I am now on my way to purchase a new one, possibly a Dyson, with the hopes that it will not only work, but meet and exceed my expectations.

Shark Bagless V131OPT sucks!

Mad as Hell!

Feb 17, 2010
rating is worst vacuum ever
by: Anonymous

This vacuum claims to be great with dog hair-- wrong that is the 1st big joke. Secondly it constantly gets clogged up. just purchased before christmas and now it has a broken belt which you cant find any where. How do you get the lifetime supply of free belts --best kept secret.

Feb 17, 2010
rating is worst vacuum ever
by: Anonymous

This vacuum claims to be great with dog hair-- wrong that is the 1st big joke. Secondly it constantly gets clogged up. just purchased before christmas and now it has a broken belt which you cant find any where. How do you get the lifetime supply of free belts --best kept secret.

Dec 25, 2009
you are all the reason we have landfills!
by: YeaPepsRstupid

I totally agree with the poster above "PeopleRstupid" I have had my shark a few years and no problems. Buy a vac that fits your needs.
If you can't fix something yourself, find a relative that can.
Keeping it real...


Dec 22, 2009
Over heats....
by: Froggychan

SO... i have found this page t be somewhat useful in repairing my own v1310pt shark vacuum, but i havent found nay comments on this model OVER HEATIING.

has anyone had this happen to them yet?

i have completly taken apart the vacuum to clean out all the clogs (never found BELT area though), and i am thinking of just swapping out my current belt with the extra provided in the retail box to see if that fixes my problem...

i can vacuum a area about 6ft. X 6ft. before my vacuum over heats and shuts down.

FYI, my vacuum would do this befoe i dissabled it as well...only difference is now it SUCKS BETTER ;D

any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Dec 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

I am furious that I cannot pick up a replacement belt anywhere locally!!! This is ridiculous! Going in garbage tonite!

Dec 13, 2009
v1310pt is stupid vaccum
by: Anonymous

I dont know how i bought this vaccum is piece of junk.DONT BUY THANKS

Dec 11, 2009
Clogged Sound
by: Anonymous

The vac is actually not that bad. Have three aussies and use it every day. I too ran into the clogged sound and was able to remove it via the access port on the bottom. Did need a flashlight to find the tiny holes where the screws were hidding. A little deceitful because there are a total of four screws that need to come off in order to remove hose and clog.
I also regualarly clean the filter and have washed as well.
Am not getting a clogged sound when turning it on....the wind is still turning and things are being picked up. Does anyone know what the "clogged" sound is and is there really another place to look for a clog.

Dec 11, 2009
fed up
by: Anonymous

i bought the shark v1310pt, when i got my first clog took the portcover off cleaned out the clog and now i cant get the dang hose to stay on, there's no clamp to hold it on and the place that you do put it on is only about an eight of an inch long, everytime i put it in the upright postion the hose comes back off!!!!!!!

Nov 17, 2009
the problem is less vacuum and more you guys!
by: PeopleRstupid

I've had this vacuum for over a year and I love it! It is small and easy to maneuver and cleaning it is no big deal. I live the long and easy to whip out accessory hose and the handle on top of the unit that allows you to pick up the 5 or 6 (tops) lbs unit and clean stairs. Does it lose suction when the hepa filter becomes clogged up...yes...what vacuum doesnt? I easily took the hepa filter out after using the vacuum to suck up much much cat liter and carpet deodorizer and shook the heck out of it out in the back yard, beat it against the patio for a bit and put it back on and used it for another few months. I bet you could run it under some water and really get it clean but I am springing for a new filter and the outside filter wrap....which i found on logical directions and go to the parts/accessories nav button at the top of the page and type in the model number CLEARLY stated on the back of the pet pro vac...V1310pt. The parts come right up for easy (and reasonably priced) purchase. I have not had any issues with the belt, but if I do I think I can figure it out without acting like a 5 year old, throwing my hands up and throwing a perfectly good vacuum in a landfill to buy another vacuum that Im sure once you suck up your kids leggo's will "mysteriously stop working", you won't be able to figure it out and then you'll throw that one out in a landfill to rot for 1000 years, but first Im sure you'll take the time to post on Bissell's website how crappy their products are. Hey if you want a vacuum that doesnt ever malfunction? Spank the bank and buy a Dyson dude! (although I've heard stories about wheels falling off of them) For me, my small apartment and my needs, my $75 Pet Pro is just great! My advice, buy a vacuum appropriate for your needs. If you have two big dogs (like the post'er above) spend more than 75 bucks on a vacuum.

Nov 08, 2009
where is the belt

I had my Shark Vaccum for over a year and I must say I have experienced the same noise, it took me awhile before i just sat down and looked at the manual THE NOISE COME FROM THE HOSE BEING CLOGGEDin order to unclog you'll have to turn the vac. over and unscrew it pull the hose out and take the screw driver andremove all thats clogging it. My question is HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU CHANGE THE BELT? I really don't feel like reading it I just want to change it....HELP!

Nov 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

Awful design, not at all user friendly, doesn't suck up anything less than 2 inches near a wall, hard to empty cup while in vacuum mode. Don't buy!!!

Nov 02, 2009
Piece of Crap
by: Anonymous

I purchased the Shark V1310PTN at Kmart. Without thinking, I threw the box away. I used this piece of crap only once to find out there is SOMETHING wrong with it. I don't know if it was refurbished when I bought it or what. It makes a "noise" when you turn it on like something is plugging the airway and all of the junk from the floor gets clogged - you can't see anything spinning in the dirt cup. I can EXCHANGE it at Kmart because I did keep my receipt but that's it. I told Kmart I didn't want to exchange it because it was JUNK.

Sep 17, 2009
Shark V1310PT - Piece of junk
by: Anonymous

I purchased this vacuum last night and I HATE it! I wish that I could return it and get a refund of my money. I, like some others, purchased it because of good advertising, etc and thought that it would hold up to its name - DOES NOT. Would not recommend this to anyone. A complete waste of money

Sep 14, 2009
by: Anonymous

My experiences basically mirror everyone else's...vacuum works beautifully for the first couple of months, then loses suction. I can see the "access port to remove clogs"...but there is NO way to get it open. I can't tell if it needs to be unscrewed or what.

I've already tried entering the model# in all sorts of case combinations (all caps, no caps, etc.)..........there is no way to access the manual. Apparently the "Navigator" "Steam Mop" and "Pocket Mop" are all they sell, because you sure can't even find any other vacuum product.

If you misplace the manual, you're basically screwed. So far none of the screwdrivers I have will open the "access port". I don't know what I'm going to do. My husband has no job and we are SHORT on money.

Aug 26, 2009
Shark Power Pet V1310PT vac NIGHTMARE
by: Anonymous

My God, I bought the because I have two long-haired dogs who are shedding all over the place. This vac advertised it's excellence in getting up dog hair, so I bought it.It Started out great for about 10 mins, then while vacumming only dog hair; the belt breaks. I can't for the life of me, figure out how to change it. The vac came with an extra belt but no directions on how to install it. WOW! I got a new vac, with a broken belt, a promise to remove all dog hair and I can't even figure out how to change the belt.... And even if I did figure it out, I'd have to avoid vacumming dog hair, HUH????

Aug 18, 2009
Junk , Junk , Junk
by: Anonymous

This is by the far the worst vacuum I have ever owned. I bought it because of the Shark name what a mistake that was. I went to the Website to look on how to change the belt... Low and behold there are no directions nor can I find the model number VI310PT. I am throwing this vacuum in the garbage and sticking with a name I can trust Bissel !!!

Jul 15, 2009
Worst Website-AGREED
by: Anonymous

We have owned the Shark Bagless V1310PT for only four months and have the second belt has now broke!!... seems to be a popular complaint that has me SO frustrated!! Ofcourse they do not sell replacement parts at the store you bought the vacuum, and even better any store!! The website is horrible and model number cannot be found. Looks like I'll be on hold with a customer service dept. for god knows how long, will have to pay shipping, and wait to vacuum for god knows how much longer! =[

Jul 15, 2009
Shark V1310PT Vacuum
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Shark V1310PT. It is by far the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever used. It doesn't even do a so-so job. It doesn't pick up much and what it does pick up, it spits out. I could see if it was an old worn out vacuum but it was terrible from the very first time I used it. I wouldn't waste a penny on one.

Jul 12, 2009
how to find Shark Pet Model # V1310PT on their site
by: Anonymous

Shark's website is a little difficult/confusing to navigate. If you can get to this site:, enter your model # as V1310PT and click on GO - it will take you to the user manual for this vacuum. True enough - I searched by just the model number alone and didn't get any hits....until I tried the model number with the alpha chars in all caps. Apparently the search engine is case-sensitive. Good luck!

Jul 09, 2009
Shark website crap
by: Jessica

I own a Shark Power Pet V1310PT vac. It has been the best vac I have ever owned...until one part broke on it. I have been to the Shark website and low and behold, the model number cant be found in order for me to try to find the part I need. That website is the WORST website I have EVER been to to try to find replace parts. It has been RIDICULOUS. I spent over an hour trying to search for it, but you cant find anything without the model number...WHICH I HAVE...but when you put it in, they dont seem to know they built the dang thing. I will NEVER buy another Shark vac..EVER!!!

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