Shark Navigator vacuum

by Lonnie Schwenk
(Auburn, California)

I selected the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner because it was reasonably priced and seemed to have most of the same features as the more expensive vacuums.

I was looking for a vacuum that would suck up the pet hair and dirt from my hardwood laminate floor. My old upright tends to blow the pet hair away as you approach it on a hard floor.

I bought the Shark Navigator at Costco for about $170, took it home and put it to work. The first thing I noticed was how much quieter it runs than my old vacuum, and I couldn't believe how well it worked on my hardwood laminate floors. The suction is fantastic and even pulls the dirt up from the edge when running along the baseboard.

The more I used it, the better I liked it. It has a really long 30 foot cord to keep you from having to switch sockets too often, and it came with an extension hose that allows the tools to be used freely without feeling like you are being tugged back toward the machine. The hoses are easy to stretch, yet they retract back into a very compact space.

Another great feature is putting the beater brush switch at the top of the handle, built into the power switch. They put a 3-position switch (Off/On/On With Beater Brush) right on top where it is easy to control when you move from hard floor to carpet. My old vacuum required you to bend over and slide a knob to shut off the beater brush for hard floors.

I discovered the beater brush automatically shuts itself off if it gets bound up on anything. Have you ever hit a shoe lace and had your vacuum bind up and keep running while the rubber belt smokes? I have, but with the Navigator, the beater bar shuts off immediately when it senses any binding.

To reset, simply toggle the power switch and it resumes. This automatic feature also kicked in to save me when I caught the corner of a throw rug in the beater brush. It shut down instantly and prevented any damage to my throw rug, or to the vacuum.

While some may complain that the dust collector is small, I have to compliment Shark on their simple design that allows you to empty the container into a waste basket indoors without a bunch of banging around. The entire canister detaches easily from the vacuum, then once you get to the waste can, you hold the canister over the waste can and press the release button which lets the hinged bottom fall open so the dirt, dust, and hair can fall into the waste can. Close the bottom and you are ready to keep vacuuming.

Other bagless vacuums I have used all created too much dust to empty indoors, or they had a filter you had to bang against the garbage can to loosen the dust. I like the Navigator's simple, easy approach.

So, just when I was satisfied I had found a great vacuum for my hard floors, I tried it on the carpeted floors and was equally impressed with the incredible suction and cleaning power. Pulls up dog hair like a champ. And the special pet hair attachment with the spinning brush works great on the furniture.

Even down to the last detail, the crevice tool is about 2 feet long so you don't have to stoop so far or reach so high to get those hard to reach places. I also forgot to mention the small size and low profile of the vacuum head make it super maneuverable and able to go under most any furniture. And the whole thing weighs a lot less than other vacuums.... and costs less, too!!! And a 5-year warranty!!!

No, I don't work for Shark, and nobody paid me or even asked me to write these wonderful comments. I almost never write about things I buy, but I was so impressed with this vacuum and its power and features that I felt compelled to share it with others who may be looking for something similar. I would highly recommend you give the Shark Navigator a look.

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Nov 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

I did work fairly well for a few months. The rug beater burned up twice. Don't waste your money. To repair you need to send it back to the mfg. By the time you pay postage, you would have been better off just buying a new one. No local support. The guy at the vacuum shop just laughed when I walked in with this throwaway wonder.

May 05, 2013
by: Anonymous


May 03, 2013
Too low
by: DB

I purchased this vacuum at Costco a couple of years ago and it works fine for my hardwood floors but try to use it on a carpet with any kind of pile FORGET IT!!! I called the company and they basically told me too bad it's your problem. glad I have hardwoods and not carpet.

Jun 03, 2011
Great Vac!!
by: Margie

I knew my old vacuum wasn't keeping up and was looking for a new one. Money was tight so I had to be frugal. I had been having issues with feas and was vacuuming 2 X a day with my old vac. Well one day I just had enough and bought the Shark Nativgator. Mind you I had just vacuumed with my old vacumm then went right out and got the shark. With just one good pass though my mobile home, The shark cansiter was almost full! Wow was I shocked. It was as if I had not vacuumed in months and my rugs looked like I had spend hours washing them with a deep clean machine.I emptied the canister and went around again and still got more dirt! I'm sold This mahine is GREAT!!! And it's not real loud and not too heavy. Don't waste your money on those high dollar machines - This is it!!

Apr 22, 2011
My son loves this vaccum
by: Abbi Mota

We have had an old hoover bag vac for a very long time. After researching many vaccums we decided on this one. It is the best vaccuum I've ever seen. I love it. And my son loves it because he's been wanting to get one for a long time. He watches the infomercials and can recite any line that they have on there. He is six and it is adorable. He is also a happy and excited consumer of the Shark Navigator.

Apr 09, 2011
Shark Navigator Model NV 22L 31
by: R Kel

I read a lot of reviews before ordering this vac. Turns out so far it is the best I could ever wanted. The High Priced Dysons may be better but I can sure live with what I got.

When I ran my Shark Navigator Model NV 22L 31 over the carpet for the first time couldn't believe how much dirt was embedded in the carpet. My old was vac was surely not doing the job. As far as I'm concerned would buy one again without hesitation.

Mar 22, 2011
an ok vacuum
by: Anonymous

The Shark Navigator does a pretty good job for the money. I don't like the fact that it blows air out the bottom front but I can live with it. The hose and plug are not as long as on my Dyson but it is still decent. All and all it is good for a second vacuum (which is what I bought it for) but I still love my Dyson!

Mar 22, 2011
Shark customer service
by: Anonymous

I have had a Shark for several years, the vacuum baggless vacuum is great, but customer service - based in India I'm sure - is horrible horrible horrible!

Mar 10, 2011
Great Cleaner

THE Shark Navigator is the best cleaner by far on the market. It replaces my very expensive Dyson which was not a good buy. I vacuum every day and was surprised with the amount of dirt that my new Navigator had drawn out of the carpets-they look like new.It is also easy to handle for an 80 plus woman
Dorothy C. Taube

Jan 08, 2011
Shark Navigator Lift Away
by: Jean

I love this vacuum cleaner! The Shark Navigator Lift Away amazed me with how much stuff it got out of my so called clean carpet! Works very well with either head for hard surface floors. I have allergies and that is one reason I purchased the shark. Its quiet and easy to maneuver. I just can't say enough good things about this cleaner. I don't even mind running the cleaner anymore as this one is so easy!

Jan 06, 2011
Never arrived
by: huhawaii

I ordered the Shark Nav/steam mop on 12/04/10 and paid for priority processing. It is now 1/07/11 and I've had no word. I called to track the package, and they couldn't even tell me what carrier to contact. The charge cleared my account a month ago, and I have nothing to show for it. I'm hoping it will be worth the wait, but for now, I'm not happy. Don't order if you live in Hawaii, and want it to be delivered in a timely manner, and don't waste your money on priority processing.

Nov 30, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Greg Stieneke

Save your money - did not last one day. Call for replacement - parts what a joke, they have no clue when the parts will be affable. Save your head aches and buy a different brand.

Nov 28, 2010
really does a number on cat hair
by: Anonymous

Received the vacuum as a wedding gift and was absolutely STUNNED at how well it cleaned our filthy, cat hair infused oriental rug. i mean, wow. The thing looked new again, and he old vacuum, an aging dirt devil, barely touched it. We haven't had the vacuum for very long, so I can't speak to it's durability, but for now, I'm pretty impressed.

Nov 13, 2010
love it
by: zoopets

I've had the Navigator a little over a year now.
My daughter and son-in-law purchased one recently.After my sister run mine and seen how much it picked up, she just purchased one.We all have pets in the house.At least 3 to 4 dogs.
As far as I'm concerned , it's a miracle! It picks up pet hairs,chewed up toys, just about everything. I LOVE IT. I would recommend it to anyone. Couldn't bring myself to pay the price for a Dyson, and now I'm glad I didn't . Thanks Shark for sweeping up after my family.

Oct 31, 2010
shark vac
by: Anonymous

it's not good on hardwood flooring. blows pet hair around, does not suck it up, you have to keep going over and over

Oct 30, 2010
navigator as seen on tv
by: michael spencer

ordered 10/29/2010 they are suppose to take a down payment on credit card and they took the whole amount at one time so i advise buy a vacuum cleaner from your local store not these crooks
now u cant even get them back on the phone will advize the bank and bbi

Oct 30, 2010
by: Cheryl Strahl

I purchased the Shark Navigator after watching an infomercial on tv. I had always wanted a Shark Steam Mop and the deal on the show was to throw in a FREE steam mop if you bought the Navigator vacuum. I have to admit I was skeptical. Most items advertised on t.v. seem incredible until you buy them and try at home. Never the same as on t.v. But to get the mop free...I couldn't resist. And the warranty had doubled from 5 to 10 years! Figured I couldn't go wrong.

So the vacuum arrived. I was so excited to get it out of the box and fire it up! We have five dogs, so I would really be putting it to the test.

Well I am amazed! It works just as well as on t.v. I am so impressed. Sucked up all the dog hair no problem! I love it! I even brought it to my mother's house to dazzle her. She has a german shepherd and my aunt has a cat.

Consider them dazzled! Love how well it picks up hair and "junk". Even the short carpet was no challenge. The feature of switching off the roller to vaccuum hard floors is really nice too. No more dirt spray back from the my Navigator!

I once dreaded having to pull out the vaccuum and break my back to vacuum from one end of the house to the other. Now I enjoy it! Any little crumbs or dirt tracked into the house and I'm rushing to plug in my Navigator. I have never owned such an efficient vacuum.

I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for making my household chores just a little bit easier.

Oct 21, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Cristine

My Kirby died today. After 7 years, Kirby felt like a member of the family, but I needed something more light weight. I had not heard of the Shark Navigator but saw that it had a five year warranty, never loses suction and has a lifetime filter.

At first I didn't think I liked the smaller head, but it reached into places my Kirby could not. So I quickly changed my mind on that feature.

It also picked up alot of hair and lint that apparently my Kirby missed right before it's death.

So bottom line: I am really impressed! I would recommend this vacuum to everyone. At only $159 I think it's probably the best for the money.

Oct 19, 2010
Where to get new manual?
by: Anonymous

Lost my manual, so when the vacume lost suction power, wasn't sure what to do. Took dust cup off and noticed filters below. Took top filter out and washed. Now vacume is working like new w/ replaced clean filter! Suction is back where it was! Wish I'd realized there were two set of filters from the get-go!

Anyone know how to replace the manual?


Oct 15, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Anonymous

I purchased this vacuum yesterday and tried it out and was also very impressed. I didn't want a vacuum that was too heavy so this was great. Also, I have never had a sweeper that was so quiet. This is replacing my $400 Oreck sweeper and it is superior to it. This also works as well as my Hoover Windtunnel and 8 lbs. lighter. Would highly recommend.

Oct 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

i just got the shark navigator vacuum and it works good but when you go backwards, the brush doesn't spin. is this how it is supposed to work. customer service said that you arent supposed to go backwards. my son called for me and he asked 3 times "are you telling me you can't go backwards?" and they said yes. he could never find out what he was supposed to do. in reading the comments, i can't find one saying you can't go backwards. help

Oct 03, 2010
This vacuum sucks!
by: Jason H.

Recently, my grandmother purchased the Shark Navigator for a gift for my new apartment. I was amazed at haow much crap came out of the floor in a small two bedroom apartment. This is definately a vacuum on steroids. Great suction power and quiet enough not to wake the neighbors. A must buy in my book!

Sep 21, 2010
great performance, great value
by: Sarah

I just bought the Shark Navigator (in the yummy purple color!) last night at Target. Brought it home and my kids helped me put it together. Piece of cake. Turned that baby on and it worked so well, I had to empty the waste bin 2 times. I just vacuumed the day prior! My old vacuum works, but not nearly as well as the new one. It is so quiet too. I could talk to my kids while using it.
I am an extremely frugal shopper, and I was hesitant to purchase this vacuum, even though it was under $200. Let me just say that I am very happy with it. I'm a mom, have my own childcare business and pets, and if it can clean up after all that, it's a winner in my book! I am confident that my carpets are very clean.

Aug 29, 2010
Shark Infinity Navigator
by: Unsatisfied customer

We just bought the Shark Infinity Navigator vacuum cleaner after seeing an infomercial and it worked wonderful on carpeted floors (Position 2).

But, after trying the vacuum on "Bare Floors" "Position 1" we were very disappointed with the results. We have 3 cats at home and lots of hair. When using the vacuum on "Bare Floors", the exhaust port located on the lower front of the vacuum (?????) would blow the hair away from the vacuum head and up in the air. As a result, we chased the airborne hair/dirt waiting for it to land, but the more we chased the dirt the longer we kept it airborne with the exhaust till the dirt found a new home on the counter, furniture or window sill making it impossible to suck it up unless you use the tools/attachments.

If Shark included a dirt net to blow the dirt into we may have been successful. We heard so much about the Shark Infinity Navigator and its low cost that we thought it would be the right choice, "NOT". We do not recommend the Shark for bare floors due to the location of the exhaust port. The head is very small which takes longer to vacuum an area (carpeted only) and as a result you work harder.

We did contact Customer Service in India and after about 45 minutes and several translators we were able to understand that we were using the "Bare Floor" mode incorrectly. We were instructed to use the tools/attachments for bare floors. Hmmmmmmmmm, don't remember seeing that one on the infomercial! And why would the vacuum have an "On" position for "Bare Floors" (Position 1) if you needed to use attachments? No where in the instructions did it say to clean "Bare Floors" that you needed to use the attachments.

We tried this vacuum for a week and were totally dissatisfied with its performance on "Bare Floors". We have just as much tile in our home as we have carpet. This post is not meant to bash the Shark vacuum. I do have a Shark Steam Mop and a Shark Clothes Iron that I am very satisfied with and would buy again. But, the Shark Infinity Navigator vacuum needs one major improvement... The location of its exhaust port.

The vacuum head is narrow and requires more passes, but that could be dealt with. Or, Shark could make the head wider while working on the exhaust port location. We have a six year old Dyson (DC-07 Animal) that was in need of new parts. So, we decided to try the Shark rather than replace the parts.

After this, we are returning the Shark Infinity Navigator and replacing the parts on the Dyson. The Dyson compared to the Shark Infinity Navigator is far better on "Bare Floors". Keep trying Shark and I will definitely try your product in the future with improvements.

Aug 29, 2010
Shark Navigator Purple Upright
by: Robert Droge

Just purchased it at BJ's. Much less money than other stores, and also came with an additional hose and bare floor brush.

I have a brand new Kenmore Power Nozzele Canister, which I love, but it's very heavy to pull out for a quick pick up. This Shark Navigator Purple Upright vacuum will come in very handy to quick clean up and in-between cleaning. Actually had I know of this before I purchased the Kenmore, perhaps I would have not purchased it in the first place. I have had Shark Dustbusters in the past, and always thought they had great suction, and came in very handy for the stairs. Shark Vacuums are really great.

Jul 31, 2010
Motor just burned out
by: Deb

At first I loved this vacuum but all of a sudden, it just stopped working. I figured it was a fuse or something similar. I called Customer Service. As with other customer's comments, they want me to pay to have it shipped back to me and I also have to pay to ship it to them. They, of course, wanted my credit card number for the return shipment. I have only owned this vaccum cleaner for 8 months. Am very disappointed with customer service and overall maintenance program for this machine (as they do not have a maintenance program period!!!!). So if something goes wrong with this vacuum, just consider it basically a DISPOSABLE vacuum cleaner.


Jul 28, 2010
Pet Hair
by: Jackie

The Navigator works GREAT on carpets, but it blows pet hair away on my hardwood floors. You have to be fast to catch it. I do love the Pet Hair attachment for my furniture.

Jul 24, 2010
Very mad...!!!!
by: Yader

I have placed an order last nite for my new shark navigator, I was very excited, I spoke with Craig ID #MCCQ I asked this guy twice to make sure that I wanted the four easy payments, and I found out that I was charged the full amount rather than what they have told me.

I called customer service to ask why they charged me the full amount and they told me that just because I used my debit card that they had to charge me the full amount... What kind of bull is that...?

Never heard of it and of course when you are placing your order in any way they mention that... So be very careful when you place your order using your debit card. Now I'm out $250 instead of $80.00 that they have agreed to charge me.

This is not right!!! They are promising something that is not true...

Jul 24, 2010
shark navagator
by: tonya

I just got my shark yesturday, i have 4 dogs and let me tell you this small compact vacuum packs a big punch! The best suction i have ever had in a vacuum! gets all the pet hair up and the price was great! the pet hair attachment is great! Even on my bare floors its just an amazing little machine!

Jul 20, 2010
Will not honor warranty
by: jbitner

The vacuum worked as advertised. It has a small power head so takes more passes to clean than most, but that is fine. After using it for approximately six months, we noticed that the wheels felt like they were dirty. They bounced as you went across the hard surface floors. When examining the wheels to clean them of debris, we found out that the front wheels were completely worn out. They were made of a very cheap plastic and the centers of the wheels were reamed out and were about to break into two pieces. No problem, we will call warranty service for replacements. That is when they told us that they were not available, but the complete power head would have to be replaced. We told them to send it to us and we would replace it. They stated that it was not under warranty. After haggling back and forth with them about what was covered, it was basically just the main motor and that is all. They wanted $99 for the power head plus shipping which put it into the range of a complete new machine.

My recommendation is do not buy. The basic concept is good, it will work well for a while, an fall apart and you will not have any recourse to repair it.

Jul 18, 2010
by: Ted

I used to have a Hoover Elite Rewind which I paid $79 and always made a good sweeper and it's filters were all dishwasher safe as well. The sweeper never broke but we decided to put it in the basement so we didn't have to keep carrying a sweeper down there.

So we bought a SHARK NAVIGATOR $199 sweeper after watching their false infomercials. In the store it appears so cheap in quality compared to even some $49 vacuums. I bought it anyways since I wanted a "powerful vacuum" with no loss of suction.

I brought it home and ignored all the little things I didn't like about it like. For example I had to manually unwind the cord and rewind the cord when done, a feature that is so nice on the Hoover. Then you have to step on the base of the sweeper with your foot and snap back the handle to begin. There is NO release button like tbe Hoover has.

But finally I plugged it in and was excited. It's pretty quiet but NOT powerful at all! I kept sweeping multiple times to get dirt picked up which I never had to do when I had my Hoover. Finally I decided to go get my Hoover and sweep the same area that the Navigator just finished. My hoover picked up a ton of stuff in the cup that the Navigator did not.

So I returned it and the salesman showed my a huge pile of OTHER returned SHARK NAVIGATORS. He told me, "I told you not to get that sweeper." So I wanted to try it and it was a waste of my time.

Pure junk. They rank this compared to a Dyson? I rank this to a $79 Hoover and the Hoover wins in every category. Also, notice the asterisk next to "no loss of power". Even the new Hoover models are now advertising "no loss of power".

Also, I had a Dyson a few years ago and it was ok, but not worth $400-$500. That's when I went with a $79 Hoover until I could find a good sweeper. Well the $79 Hoover has more features than the Navigator or Dyson. It has the pet attachments, quick release, no touch dirt release, and all filters are lifetime and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The just to put the icing on the cake, Hoover puts on a cord that you don't have to mess with when you wind it and unwind it.

Don't waste your time on the Navigator.

Jul 04, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Scott M

I have been vacuuming my carpet regularly for 5 years with a bag vacuum.

I just purchased a Shark Navigator vacuum and brought it home today. I figured I'd just vacuum one traffic area (keep in mind that I live alone) from the kitchen to the sofa (about 12 ft long).

After I was done the first thing I noticed is it actually pulled the matted strands up (something that I just couldn't do before). I also noticed that it's slightly unruly to handle but nothing to extreme. Finally I glanced at the main dirt chamber and couldn't believe my eyes! I thought I was dreaming! It must be an illusion I said.

Then I got a trash bag and emptied it. Holy #%$#!!! How did that much crap come out of a 12X1 ft swath of carpet? I've been keeping up with vacuuming.

It's just not possible that there was that much dirt! It was an amount that would fill both my hands cupped together and I as a man have big hands.

This is likely the best purchase I've made in years!

You can have your Dysons! I'll take the Shark! Now if Shark makes one of those funky fans I'll buy one of those too.

Jun 30, 2010
by: Scott M

I have been vacuuming my carpet regularly for 5 years with a bag vacuum.

I just purchased a Shark Navigator and brought it home today. I figured I'd just vacuum one traffic area (keep in mind that I live alone) from the kitchen to the sofa (about 12 ft long). After I was done the first thing I noticed is it actually pulled the matted strands up (something that I just couldn't do before). I also noticed that it's slightly unruly to handle but nothing to extreme. Finally I glanced at the main dirt chamber and couldn't believe my eyes! I thought I was dreaming! It must be an illusion I said. Then I got a trash bag and emptied it. Holy #%$#!!! How did that much crap come out of a 12X1 ft swath of carpet? I've been keeping up with vacuuming. It's just not possible that there was that much dirt! It was an amount that would fill both my hands cupped together and I as a man have big hands.

This is likely the best purchase I've made in years!

You can have your Dysons! I'll take the Shark! Now if Shark makes one of those funky fans I'll buy one of those too.

Jun 21, 2010
by: Ann

Just recieved my Navigator vacuum. Wow this thing really sucks (good suck). After years of useing Sears, Rainbow, Kirby, Dirt Devil etc. we are very pleased with the Navigator. After we vacuumed our floors three times with our Kirby we gave the Navigator a test. I could not believe the dirt the Shark removed from our carpet. I have not had to deal with customer service so I can not comment.I hope the company stays in buisness and customer service will determine this! Also the owners handbook speaks of overheat and resetting. If I have problems I will let the public know about it. So far we are very pleased.

Jun 20, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Lydia

Have had this vacuum for a week, but can't say enough good things about it. Vacuumed behind my Hoover Wind tunnel and picked up a full cup.

The pet tool is the most amazing part. Have never had one work this well. The suction on the vacuum is the strongest I have ever had on a vacuum.

The only downside is the small cup, but it is so easy to empty. Unlike the Hoover Wind Tunnel.

Love it!! Love it!!!!

Jun 17, 2010
by: Anonymous


Jun 14, 2010
save your money get something good!
by: Anonymous

This vacuum won't even pick up cat hair or a baby asprin. Went back to my old Oreck.

Jun 13, 2010
Oh Yes
by: David

Yesterday I had a maid come to my house and use my old vacuum. When she was completed my soon to be ex decided she wanted the vacuum and took it. I had a 20% of coupon at Bed, Bath and Beyond to apply with the already low $159. I took it home, put it together, had just a slight problem getting the bottom to click in. Decided to give it a test run. I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH STUFF IT PICKED UP. This was only two hours after the maid left and the carpet had not yet been walked on. I vacuumed one bed room and the living room and had to empty the canister 4 times. I was in SHOCK! The only thing I really don't like is the holes in the crevice tools. Don't know how durable it will be but at that price it doesn't have to last forever.

Jun 09, 2010
Shark Navigator


Jun 04, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Susan

My only problem with this cleaner is it tips over easily when using the hose attachment. The wheels are so close together they don't provide a lot of balance, and even though there's an 'anti-tip hook' that the hose is routed under, it doesn't always hold the hose in place and if you don't keep an eye on it, the next thing you know - PLOP!

The dust cup is smaller than most other vacuums, but the good thing about it is it's easy to clean. The Shark Navigator vacuum is light and quieter than my last cleaner. It has great suction and the filters only need to be cleaned every few months.

May 31, 2010
by: Vikas

Thanks to people who gave low star to shark navigator company. Service and cost of service is the key to owning a vacuum cleaner. I think i will go to my usual place Sear to buy a vacuum which has in store service and warranty is pretty good.

May 15, 2010
So far, I LOVE it!!
by: Anonymous

I got my shark navigator last week and came home immediately to vacuum 6 areas rugs that I have in my house. Other reviews have stated that the vacuum over heats, but I have not had that problem so far and I used to it to vacuum every rug in my house and the hard wood floors too. I found that it works well on hardwood and carpets. The rugs in the house look brand new and the hardwood actually feels clean, no dirt left behind like when you sweep. The canister is a little on the small side, but I don't mind because it gets the carpets so clean. I have two springer spaniels that live inside and shed A LOT, but there is no pet hair to be seen after using the shark. Upholstery tool is great to use when the dogs jump on the furniture and leave hair or dirt behind. The head is also a little on the small side, but I find that I really like that feature because it can fit between the couches without having to move furniture around. So far, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. My mom has the dyson for pet hair, but I think the shark gets the carpets cleaner than it does!

Apr 26, 2010
by: Deb

I bought my Shark Navigator for $159.00 at B.J.'s ( Great Price ). I had been using an Oreck vacume cleaner for 3 years that I had to have repaired twice and I replaced the belt so many times I lost count. My daughter bought a Shark Navigator last summer when she got married. She kept telling me how much I would love it and one day she brought it to my house for me to try. I could not put it down, so easy to use. It was picking up so much that the Oreck did not. I immediately went out and got one. It is by far the BEST vacume cleaner I have ever owned or used. I love it, no bags, no belts! I now vacume every day and my house has never been cleaner thanks to the Shark Navigator!

Apr 26, 2010
Customer Support
by: TLL

I agree 100% with this review as I just received this vaccum and have used 3 times in the past week with wonderful results. I have wood parquet flooring & a large area rug in front of the sofa's. The last time I used it as compared to the previous two the navigator seemed to be self propelled on the rug, now it isn't. I have repeatedly read the manual with no troubleshooter and have called customer service which I ended hanging up because the customer service rep doesn't not understand what I'm talking about nor do I speak his dialect. If anyone can direct me on this issue I would be very appreciative. Thank you

Apr 21, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Kristen G.

I completely LOVE my Shark Navigator. I was leaning towards a Dyson because I've heard a lot of good things about it, however, after reading reviews on the Navigator vacuum compared to the Dyson, the Shark came out on top.

I bought it at Sears, (and it was on sale!), and I couldn't wait to get home and go to town with my new Shark. I must say I am completely impressed. If you're willing to shell out $500 for a Dyson, good for you, however, if you'd like to save some money and have the same quality vacuum, the Shark is for you!

Mar 27, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Honeybun

Years ago I owned the Shark Infinity. The only reason that we had to get rid of it was when I plugged it in the light socket it blew the motor. I loved it, It was the best vacuum that I have ever had.

So for years now I have been buying cheaper vacuums that only seem to last me at most 7 months then it is time for a new one. So I decided to put a little more money out and purchase the Shark Navigator. I love it. I just bought it today and it is amazing.

It picks up everything. I was so happy to know that it has a shut off so that I could vacuum the hard wood. I think that I will have this vacuum for years to come.

Mar 25, 2010
Finally a Great Vacuum
by: Debra

I have had my Navigator about 4 weeks now and I love it. I could not believe the difference in it and the one I had been using. The difference in cost was bout $50. The first time I used it I had already vacuumed the floor with the old one and was amazed at how much dirt was left behind.
I have two dogs so I am in it for the long haul and sure hope it lives up to its name and reputation. I was also pleased with the steam mop which I had never had. Thank you Shark once again for a great idea to help us out.

Mar 21, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Kim Champion

I bought my Shark Navigator at Costco for 159.99 today, so far it is wonderful. I cleaned blinds, floors, rugs and even walls and dumped the canister about 5 times, so it was a lot of work, but the amount of dirt that I picked up was amazing, it seems my last vacuum was not really doing the job I thought it was.

The cost was affordable and as long as it continues to last I love it! The down side, a bit heavy for someone with a bad back to carry around room to room, upstairs room for the long hose attachment or long reach tool on the vacuum itself, the small brush and small crevice tools have a place on the machine, but no place for the rest of the tools, have to get out of bag with each use, was a little confusing at first to put together (two old broads with hubby away) but we managed after some time....

The upside so far, the cleaning power, the price, the 5 yr warranty, no bags, filter only needs cleaning every 3 months, great attachments to use and the commercial was great-saw it for the first time last night and was in desperate need of a new vacuum cleaner so went and got one today. I have been dreaming of getting a Dyson someday but am glad that there was a less expensive alternative.

Mar 13, 2010
Online Buyer beware
by: Keith, Tamaqua, PA

I purchased the Shark Navigator yesterday from Boscovs Department Store, when I brought it home I was very impressed with the way it cleaned and the suction power. After cleaning two rooms it would not power up. I tried everything it said in the manual to get it to work. I finally called the 1-800 service number and talked to the service rep, who I could barely understand, and after giving him all my info he told me that I would need to ship it back to the company and they would fix it and send it back to me in 4 to 6 weeks, and I would have to pay for the shipping and handling. I told him I didn't think that after owning it for one day I should have to pay and he said "Sorry, I can't do anything about that." So ... after being very upset I called Boscovs and they told me it was Boscovs policy to exchange it, within 30 days, no questions. Thank God I bought it at Boscovs and not on line. I'll be returning it for a FULL refund to Boscovs tomorrow.

Keith, Tamaqua, Pa

Mar 03, 2010
Poor customer Service
by: Lois

I bought mine at Walmart for about $170.OO. It deep cleans so much better than any vacuum I have ever used. It is powerful and easy to use. The crevice tool that came with it have to holes on it so you need a diffrent hose to attach it to. Well the customer service rep said I need to hold my fingers over it if I want to get more power. I explain to him if that the dust was blowing out the holes so I needed a different hose but he insist I need to cover the holes with my fingers so I returned it back to Walmart. Why pay 170.00 for something you can use.

Mar 02, 2010
Great Product
by: Anonymous

I needed a really effective vacuum cleaner as I have two dogs and a cat. My carpet is only one year old and was already looking dingy. My first choice wa s Dyson, but the cost was just not in my budget. After seeing a comercial for the Shark Navigator I thought about buying one, but I was skeptical. I found one at WalMart for even less than advertised on TV, only 159.99, so I bought one. I cannot believe how great this small vacuum cleaner works. My carpets look revived after just one use and the carpets even feel better on my bare feet. It is smaller than I expected, but having to make a few more passes with the machice is so worth the results of this amazing little vacuum cleaner. I am sold on it and will tell my friends. This machine is a dream come true for me. I love it!

Feb 22, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Tracey Boutilier

To all the people that work at this company; I would just like to say that the Shark Navigator is the BEST vacuum cleaner that I have ever used.

I have had many such as a Hoover, Electrolux, Dirt Devil, Kirby, and a Filter Magic, and so on. None of the vacuums that I have listed came close to my wonderful Shark. I DO NOT give a review unless something REALLY impresses me.

The first time I turned on my Shark, I was hooked! I had been without a vaccum cleaner for a couple of months and I was so excited when my Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner finally arrived at my door. I pulled it out of the box, put it all together and turned it on. I was preparing to send it back before I had turned it on as I figured for the price I payed for it, there was NO WAY it could be any good!! I was pleasantly surprised!!

This vacuum had so much power and suction, that it picked up everything in the first sweep! My carpet looked SO CLEAN!!! Thank you for making such a GOOD PRODUCT, and thank you for making it SO AFFORDABLE!!!! I have also recommended this vacuum to ALL my friends and will continue to spread the word about this AWESOME product!!!!!

Yours Truly, Tracey Boutilier

Feb 20, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: SGJ

Just purchased this vacuum after being fully fed up with other vacs. I am so impressed with the cleaning power and how wonderful my carpet already looks after only one use. Can't wait to see how well it performs in the days and months ahead. I already love it!

Feb 14, 2010
Shark by Euro Pro a rip-off.
by: Anonymous

I purchase the Shark Navigator after watching a TV infomercial last September 2009. In January 2010 I contacted Euro Pro because the vacuum had stopped working. It would turn on and blow hot air out of the the filter on the lower front of the machine, the turbo brush revolved but there was not suction. I ask for a total refund and was told that I was over the 60 day trial period. However if I return it to them along with $18.90 to cover shipping to the company for repair or replacement under the 5 year warranty. The service rep, who appeared less than knowledgable about the service warranty process told me to have it, packed and shipped and to purchase insurance to cover possible damage in shipping. When I asked what the $18.60 was for she advised me it was to cover return shipping to me. When I took it to UPS I was told it would cost me approximately $130.00 (including insurance). I had originally paid $199.99 plus tax for the vacuum. Since the vacuum was only 5 months old I didn't think I should have to pay to have it returned for repair. I decided not to through good money after bad.

Feb 12, 2010
Roller-Brush Stalls-Out
by: Patricia

I purchased the unit for my business and it initially appeared to be more than adequate. However, approximately two months after purchasing it, the roller-brush began to stall while spinning. I contacted the manufacturer who stated I'd need to purchase a replacement suction-roller-brush at a cost of $95.95. When I informed the help-person that the entire new unit cost little more than that, he continued to reitterate my needing to purchase a new roller-brush at the cost of $95.95. I finally stated I'd not consider that, and disconnected the call. I'll conclude that I'm not at all happy about the unit's dysfunction.

Feb 10, 2010
rainbow is history
by: Don Reed

My wife and I have used a rainbow sweeper for 30 yrs and thought it was the best sweeper out there until we bought our Sharp Navagon last week. My wife could not believe the amount of dirt that was picked up 2 days after using the rainbow. The rainbow is going in the garage sale this spring. What an awesome sweeper the Shark is, and at a great price.

Feb 09, 2010
Shark Navigator vacuum
by: Sandy

I purchased the Shark Navigator as a vacuum for a vacation home. Had read reviews so felt fairly informed about what I was buying. I use a 10-year old Royal now. This little machine has put the Royal to shame. The amount of dirt that came up after using the Royal was amazing.

We have a dog so there is dog hair on the carpet. It picked it up with no problem. It's light weight and much easier to move around the room than my Royal.

I do miss the light on the vacuum head but that's minor. Emptying the dust cup is a piece of cake. I would not hesitate recommending this machine to anyone. For the money, it's a super machine.

Jan 26, 2010
The perfect vacuum for seniors!
by: Anonymous

I am 70 years old and my old heavy vacuum is hard on my back so I haven't been vacuuming as often as I would like.
I saw the Shark Navigator in the store, loved the price because I am on limited income, and decided to go for it.
I am so glad I did. It is light weight and easy to manuever. No more back strain. It is easy to take apart and clean out.
I love it that I no longer have to buy expensive filters etc....
I can get into small spaces easier, so now I vacuum much more often.
This is a Great Vacuum. Buy one.

Jan 23, 2010
shark navigator
by: marsha

i just received mine yesterday and I am absolutely in love with the shark navigator vacuum. i have two cats that leave hair on everything and that little turbo brush is amazing. it takes such little time to vacuum hair off of pillows, seating, etc. i am amazed how it works.

Now for vacuuming the carpet - unbelievable. so easy to operate and easy to empty cup. i highly recommend this vacuum because believe me i must have had 25 different vacuums over the years. THIS ONE IS THE BEST!!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. U WON'T BE SORRY!!!

Jan 23, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Shelley

I was excited to find a vacuum that had all these features since I have two dogs and was looking for something that would pick up dog hair as well as most anything. I have mostly hard floors. It seems to work well on carpet but the hard floor setting barely picks up anything.

Everything has to pass the brush so unless it is dust or hair from a short haired dog it is not adequate. I couldn't even get it to pick up a leaf. It does appear to do better on the carpet setting. Needless to say, I am disappointed and would only recommend it if you have only dust on your floors or want to run the noisy brush all the time.

Jan 12, 2010
by: Sugiray

I just bought the Shark Navigator NV22. I vacuum regularly as I have wool rugs. It took me not even 15 minutes to assemble the vacuum and it was ready to be used. I was not expecting the cleaning power I received. It was amazing. I had been vacuumng 2-3 times per week and I just vacuumed the morning I bought the Shark. My cup was over filled as I hadn't noticed that the cup was smaller than most. I did four rooms and it cleaned the last room as well as the first. It is a keeper. I know it has a five-yar warranty, I hope I do not have to use it. I have the steam mop and swear by it so I am hoping the miracle stays with the vacuum as well.

Jan 11, 2010
Shark Navigator
by: Lee

It has great suction from the hose and with the brushes on. We're finding with the brush off it's not sucking up dirt off bare floors well. This is a fairly new vacuum as well. I want it to work, and like how agile it is, but right now the review is very mixed.

Dec 12, 2009
Too Small for price
by: Jennifer

At first I was impressed with the compact size but
after using it awhile I believe I could have purchased a lot more vacuum for 200.00 from one of the other manufactures.It has a small cleaning path and no light,a sadly missed attribute at this point.
It basically is a glorified hand held vacuum repositioned into an upright with wheels and a roller brush attached at the bottom.The suction is good but so are all the other brands of new cyclonic vacuums made by all the others as I have tried a few others and they have just as much power but with a larger canister size and wider roller brush width for the same price.I should have waited and tried others also but was swayed by the popular ratings and compact size.

Dec 11, 2009
Shark Euro Pro Navigator
by: Michelle

Do NOT buy the the Shark Euro Pro Navigator vacuum. If I can save one person from making a BIG mistake I will be happy. Ours arrived broken... the brush head doesn't "spin". We called and it took forever to get through to Customer Service. They must have only one person helping people out.

One night we waited over an hour. They have horrible people working for them. They argued that our vacuum worked fine. Well, we know the spin brush isn't spinning! DUH.

We have waited 3 months now for the replacement part. We try calling and they "tag" your phone. You have to do *67 before you dial their number so they don't know it's you.

Buy something else.
If you get a LEMON you are stuck with it.
Our 3 months have now passed for the "trial" period and we have no choice but to throw it away. Sad isn't it.

Dec 04, 2009
Shark Navigator
by: Lee

I have only used this Shark navigator one time. I am not easily impressed, but what a pleasant surprise. I had just vacuumed with my 8 Pound Oreck XL 2 days before. My house is only 1,100 Sq. feet and yet I filled the dust cup with cat hair and dirt that the Oreck missed!

I live alone and have 2 cats. Even though the Shark weighs almost 2 times the weight of the Orick, it pushes and pulls much easier and is also much quieter. All in all, this is a great vacuume.

It would be nice if the dust cup was larger. The base is hard plastic so I am going to add a piece of stick on felt to each side to protect base boards and furniture.

Nov 23, 2009
Shark bagless Navigator
by: Anonymous

The Shark Navigator vacuum is very lightweight, not too noisy and it really has good suction. I highly recommend it to everyone. Easy to clean since you just push a button to get all the debris out of the dirt container. You don't have to handle the dirt at all. Just empty into the garbage container or waste basket. Nothing comes apart to be handled like most other bagless vacuums.

Nov 15, 2009
by: Jeanne

Horrible I have had this one month and now the motor just shuts off for no reason.My brother who is an engineer looked at it and said the motor was of poor quality and overheats easily, shutting down some kind of protector for the motor. After he checked it all out he recommended I take it back and get a better sweeper.

It does have a lot of suction when it works but the brush unit already has some of the bristles bent over and it hardly has been used.
Everything is plastic that probably should be metal
I bought this from the shark website,and after calling them they said it was normal for the motor to shut off if it overheats and to check to make sure nothing was clogged.
They said I would have to pay shipping and handling to have them look at it and if nothing was wrong with it they would send it back like it was.
I dont feel like taking a chance.I think I will just sell it on Ebay for 10.00
There is nothing clogged and the brush turned ok
its just a piece of junk.

You get what you pay for

Nov 09, 2009
Yea! finally a vacuum,I even love
by: Anonymous

I hate vacuum cleaners!!! I own almost ever model.
I just returned my top of the line $500Dyson. It gave me carple tunnel and it didn't even pick up! so much for technology,I also have an Orek,I took it to the store 6 timers for repair,it still spews dust and every time I used it my Husband said it smelled bad(like dog yuk!)
I had a sharp but the belt always came off and I had to use a screw driver,to put the belt back on,who has time for that? I won't even go into my Sears canister or my Rainbow,that blew a motor(I paid 800 for that one) I just want a light quick and easy bagless vacuum that smell good when you use it and actually works!!!!! finally...I LOVE the Shark!!!!! HALELUJA!! The power cord is long enough that I don't have to keep re-plugging and the hose is nice and long and it smells good when you use it....XOXOSHARK!!!and it only cost 160!!!@ BedBath&Beyond!!!!:D

Nov 01, 2009
Navigator NV22
by: Anthony

I saw the commercial comparing the Shark Navigator vacuum to the Dyson and that's all I needed to see. I am glad I made the purchase, after careful inspection, I realize it uses similar technology as the Dyson, and it does work incredibly well, you can not buy a better vacuum for less money anywhere, I guarantee it. And it comes with a 5 year warranty.

Oct 31, 2009
Love my Shark Navigator
by: Tanya Koehn

I love love LOVE this vacuum. The Navigator picks up the cat hair so good and cleans my bare floors like a pro! I've never had such clean carpets it picked up so much dirt and cat hair that i was so amazed words dont describe it. I would definitely recommend the shark navigator. and i liked that it was only $200 which i thought was a good deal. my folks have a kirby they paid over $300 and they have said they like this shark much better.

Oct 16, 2009
Best vacuum I've ever used!
by: Anonymous

I got this vacuum about 4 months ago. I was skeptical, but I had already tried almost every other vacuum on the market. Wow! Was I ever surprised! It sucked up birdseed in a place I have vacuumed regularly with my old vacuums. I haven't had birds there in over 10 years. My carpet looks almost new again. The filters are easy to clean and the spare filters keep it from being a hassle. It is working just as well now as it did the day I brought it home. I reccomend the Shark Navigator to anyone and everyone. Half the price of a Dyson, lightweight, easy to navigate, easy to use, and never loses suction. I'm sold.

Oct 13, 2009
Lovin it
by: Anonymous

Just got mine, loving it already. Pet hair? Gone! Cup may be on the small side, but who cares, it cleans!!

Oct 07, 2009
The best!
by: Anonymous

I bought mine at Walmart for about $160.OO. It deep cleans sooo much better than any vacuum I have ever used. It is so light, yet powerful. Easy to use. I like it so much that I had one shipped to my parents just this week and they think it is terrific. No belts, quiet, maneuverable, lifetime filters, easy to assemble and really cleans. I have no complaints.

Oct 01, 2009
Shark Navigator
by: Larry H

Have been using a Oreck XL which at first really did i thought a good job but then after i replaced the first bag full it seemed to have lost some of it's effectiveness. Just bought the Shark Navigator at Walmart and it was very easy to assemble and was using it within ten minutes out of the box.

Having recently vacuumed i thought i would still give the Shark Navigator a try and boy am i glad i did as it filled the little cup twice in my very small living room mostly with pet hair the Oreck was missing. To see the difference in how my carpet looks from before i vacuumed and after the Shark is like dusk time and day light.

I also noticed that the Shark Navigator is solidly built and moves so easily i'd swear it's self propelled. I hope it last like they say it will as i'm really impressed and having to make a few extra passes to vacuum is worth it to see how great it picks up.

Tnx for a great product so far (notice i'm a little hesitant in my praise as i've been convinced before only to be disappointed later) but this vacuum works the best out of the box of any i've had before...

Sep 14, 2009
The Shark Navigator vacuum is a waste
by: Amanda Wagoner

Do not even bother!! After waiting a MONTH for the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner, and talking on the phone to the company, i found out my order was never even placed!!!! Finally i got the vaccume and it was dreadful. I ordered it off the T.V guide channell, and what a mistake!! Take it from me, don't waste your time.

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