About Us – The Team Behind VacuumWizard.com

VacuumWizard.com was founded by Tomaz Mencinger in 2006 as a small project to help consumers find the right vacuum cleaners for their households. Eventually the site grew to the point where we work with major vacuum companies like Dyson, Miele, and others and test all types of vacuums with a series of methodical tests.

Tomaz finished the University of Electrical Engineering and his technical background drove him to find the best way to analyze and test vacuum cleaners.

Tomaz oversaw the overall testing procedures and the design of the website, while trusted reviewers helped to provide extensive reviews. We’ll introduce the reviewers now.

David & Lisa work as a team, sometimes one holding the camera while the other one is cleaning their home testing the latest model that was shipped to their door.

And sometimes the roles change – but in any case, they provide you with a realistic review and feedback of how each vacuum works in various situations.

Ashley is another great addition to the team behind VacuumWizard.com and with her eye for detail she quickly finds all the pros and cons of each vacuum she tests.

David, Lisa, and Ashley provide the right mixture of technical approach and practical and easy-to-follow reviews, video reviews and vacuum ratings that convey clearly what each vacuum’s value is and what it’s best used for.

Since 2015 VacuumWizard.com is a part of the Comfortable Living Company, a group focused on providing great consumer resources for finding the right household goods.

We strive to improve the site all the time and appreciate all feedback! Drop us a line and let us know how we are doing!