DC41 vs DC24, DC25, DC28 and DC33

The latest flagship Dyson DC41 has many people asking: how does the DC41 compare to other Dyson vacuum cleaners, especially the upright models like the DC24, DC25, DC28 and DC33? The following Dyson vacuum comparisons aim to answer that question.

What do you get when you take all the unique features a Dyson vacuum can offer and combine them into one full sized upright?

You get the Dyson DC41 Animal Ball.

This machine features tremendous suction power, a root cyclone for filtering out dust, a bagless dust bin, the large Ball for maneuverability, and the Mini Turbine Brush for cleaning up pet hair.

If you are considering purchasing a Dyson vacuum cleaner, why would you want to choose anything else but this power packed DC41 cleaning machine?

Well, you might not need all these features in your vacuum. You could choose a different Dyson model and save some money if another model meets your needs. See how they stack up against each other in our Upright Dyson Vacuum Comparison video:

We’ve put the DC41 against Dyson’s older uprights too see how each model compares.

You’ll also find the recommendations on which is the best Dyson vacuum for certain situations, like cleaning pet hair, which has the best suction, etc. Without further ado, lets dive into these Dyson vacuum comparisons.

Dyson Vacuum Comparisons Part 1: Dyson DC41 vs. Dyson DC25 Ball

Dyson Vacuum Comparisons - DC41 vs DC25

The biggest difference between these two models is the DC41 comes equipped with a Mini Turbine Brush as a part of the on board tools. This brush is great for cleaning pet hair off of upholstery. The DC41 also has more suction power than the older DC25 model.

The Dyson DC25 is better in two aspects though – it’s one pound lighter and it has a nicer extension wand.

The wand on the DC25 has a handle attached. You can hold onto this handle as you clean with the on board tools.

The DC41 doesn’t have a handle on the extension wand, which makes it awkward to hold at times.

These vacuums both have incredible mobility. On the base of both of these vacuums is a large sphere called “the ball” that houses the motor. The vacuum rolls along the floor on this ball.

Instead of stopping and then turning the vacuum on two rear wheels, the ball allows you to turn in any direction on a dime.

In order to turn the vacuum, you just rotate your wrist a little bit, and the vacuum changes directions very smoothly.

This new way to push around a vacuum takes some getting used to, so make sure you grab a display model at a store to see if you like the way it move.

Dyson Vacuum Comparisons Part 2: Dyson DC41 vs. Dyson DC28 Airmuscle

Dyson Vacuum Comparisons - DC41 vs DC28

Both of these vacuums are “Animal” models. They do a great job cleaning pet hair, and both come with the Mini Turbine Brush as part of the on board tools. The similarities stop here though.

These two models are very different. The Animal Ball has the ball for better mobility, but for some, the ball can be uncomfortable to use.

That might be a reason why you would choose the DC28 Airmuscle, which features the more common two rear wheels for pushing around on the floor.

Both vacuums have comparable suction, but the Dyson Airmuscle has three buttons right by the power switch, so you can choose a setting according to your carpet height.

If your home has different types of carpeting in the DC28 is ideal for cleaning long, medium, or short pile carpeting.

Dyson Vacuum Comparisons Part 3: Dyson DC41 vs. Dyson DC33 Multi floor

Dyson Vacuum Comparisons - DC41 vs DC33

Another added benefit of the DC41 is the lower cleaning head on the front of the vacuum. The cleaning head on the ball vacuums sticks out a little from the vacuum base.

The brush bar is also low to the ground so it fits under furniture easier. You won’t have to get your on board tools out to clean the corners of the carpet or floor with the Animal Ball. It also can get underneath the lip of a cabinet with ease.

Unfortunately, the blocky higher front of the DC33 Multi floor is not good for getting into corners, under cabinets, or into tighter spaces. You will have to get out the on board tools to clean corners and the edge of the wall with the DC33.

The DC33 Multi floor isn’t an “Animal” model, so it doesn’t have the Mini Turbine Brush, it doesn’t have the ball mobility, and it doesn’t have the lower cleaning head.

It does have one great attribute though. The suction power is still tremendous.

The reason why you might want the DC33 is it still cleans carpets and floors in open spaces very well. It also costs much less than the DC41 and other Dyson upright vacuums.

Dyson Vacuum Comparisons Part 4: Dyson DC41 vs. DC24 “Mini” Ball

Dyson Vacuum Comparisons - DC41 vs DC24

The DC24 really isn’t officially labeled the “Mini” Ball, but this is the best way to describe it. The Dyson DC41 is a large machine and weighs almost 18 pounds. The Dyson DC24 weighs just under 12 pounds, but still packs some powerful suction.

We just loved the DC24 vacuum because it has incredible mobility, it still has great suction although it isn’t as powerful as the DC41, and it can clean large areas just as well as larger Dyson models.

The biggest reasons why a DC24 Ball wouldn’t be right for you is it doesn’t come with a Mini Turbine Brush.

The dust bin is much smaller than standard sized uprights, so you will have to empty it out much more frequently. Finally, the DC24 has a wand that you have to detach from the vacuum, turn around, and then reattach to the hose in order to use the on board tools.

Which Is The Best Dyson?

Here’s a brief review, so you can double check to see what Dyson model might be right for you.

Best for carpets – Dyson DC28 Airmuscle Animal

Features – Very powerful suction. Height adjustments for the brush bar at the touch of a button.

Best For Maneuverability – Dyson Ball Models (DC41, DC25, and DC24)


The DC25 All-Floors

Features – All three of these machines features Dyson’s signature Ball for excellent maneuverability.

In addition, the brush bar on these models is low to the ground so the vacuum heads can fit easily under cabinets and other furniture pieces.

To be precise, the DC24 “mini” Ball is the easiest to maneuver because it is the lightest at about 12 pounds, followed by the almost 17 pound DC25, and almost 18 pound DC41.

Because there is not a great difference in weight between the three, there is not a great difference in ease-of-use either.

Best Price – Dyson DC33 Multi Floor

Dyson DC33Features – The Dyson DC33 has Root Cyclone technology for great suction.

The Dyson DC33 Multi Floor vacuum doesn’t have the signature ball, or a lower brush bar, so it doesn’t maneuver as well compared to the other models we mentioned in this article. However, it is a lightweight model which makes up for some of the maneuverability lost by not having the ball.

It also doesn’t come with a mini turbine brush for cleaning up pet hair. The tradeoff for the lack of features is reflected in the lower cost.

Overall, it is a very functional Dyson vacuum that can be purchased at a lower price compared to other popular Dyson models.

Best Suction – Dyson DC41 Ball Animal or Dyson DC28 Airmuscle.

Dyson DC24 All Floors VacuumRoot Cyclone Technology powers all Dyson upright models. These Dyson models feature a bagless dustbin because Dyson uses root cyclone suction technology to suck up dust and trap it.

In addition to the great suction, the filtration quality is excellent. No dust over the size of 0.3 microns escape from the exhaust.

Do you suffer from airborne allergies? If you do, get a Dyson. A Dyson vacuum will clean up all carpeting and won’t kick the dust back into the air.

The suction power on the Dyson DC25 Ball, and the Dyson DC33 Multi Floor are very good, but not as powerful as the DC41 and DC28.

Best Edge Cleaning – DC41 Animal, Dyson DC25 Ball, or the Dyson DC24

With a low to the ground cleaning head, these Ball vacuums can fit under the lip of a cabinet, and also get under some furniture.

They also have great suction head on or from the side, so the edge of the floor will be cleaned up with one pass. You won’t have to get your on board tools out to clean the corners of the carpet or floor.

The blocky cleaning head on the DC28 Airmuscle or DC33 Multi floor are not good for cleaning the edge of the floor.

Best on Carpeting – The DC28 Airmuscle

Dyson DC28 Animal VacuumThe DC28 is the best on carpeting because it the only Dyson model that adjusts to the height of your carpeting. If you have long or medium pile carpeting, the DC28 Airmuscle is the best choice.

As we mentioned before, there is one disadvantage to the Airmuscle. It doesn’t get into the corners or the side of the wall as good as the Dyson Ball models.

Best on Hard Flooring – The Dyson Ball Vacuums (DC41, DC25, or DC24).
The “Ball” vacuums work the best in these situations because they fit underneath the lip of a cabinet.

If you are cleaning up in a bathroom or in a kitchen with a hard floor, you won’t be able to get under this lip with the DC28 Airmuscle or the DC33 Multi Floor. In a wide-open space, they all work equally as well.

Best On Board Tools – The DC28 Airmuscle Animal


The Dyson DC28 Animal Vacuum

The DC28 vacuum comes with a Mini Turbine Brush for cleaning pet hair, but it is equally useful for cleaning any dusty upholstery.

It also features a wide Flat Out Head, which is very good for cleaning under furniture on a hard surface.

The worst on board tools goes to the DC41. This is because the hose doesn’t have a nice handle to hold onto when using on board tools.

It also doesn’t clip back onto the back of the unit as nice as the other Dyson models.

We hope this comparison of upright Dyson vacuum cleaners will help you make an informed choice on which Dyson best suits your needs. They are all quality machines, so it will be hard for you to go wrong.