Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Are They Better Than Conventional Bagged Vacuums?

The newest market differentiation in vacuum technology is bagless cleaners versus conventional vacuums.

The main advantage bagless cleaners boast is strong suction and less clogging compared to traditional models. There is also the added benefit of not needing to purchase vacuum bags.

Sir James Dyson was the genius behind the first bagless vacuum. Even though he believed he had come up with a great invention, it was a difficult process for him to convince others of its viability.

It took 5,127 prototypes and years of debt before he was able to get his idea into production and produce the first actual bagless vacuum cleaner to the general public.

Dysons made his prototype vac using cardboard and duct tape. He had gotten frustrated with his vacuum and the constant repairs it required.

It would get clogged up and lose suction repeatedly. As a result, he set out to come up with a household vacuum that worked better.

This art school graduate's determination paid off in the end. His bagless vacuum cleaner grew in popularity in both the United States and Europe. By 2008, his company reached $1billion in earnings.

Which is Better: Bagged or Bagless?

After the invention of Dyson’s bagless vacuum, the debate began as to which was better, the bagged or the bagless. It still continues. There are those who love the bagless and wouldn’t have it any other and those who feel the opposite. Here are some of the reasons for their choice…

A bagged vacuum works using a replaceable sealed bag to capture the dirt while vacuuming, filtering, and separating the dirt from the air passing as it passes through the machine. When the bag is full, it is removed and discarded and a new bag installed in its place.

The biggest problem with the bagged vacuum is keeping track of when the bag is full. If the bag gets too full, the vacuum loses suction. Some vacuums have an indicator light that lets you know when the bag needs to be replaced. An additional problem for some is the need to buy replacement bags.

The up side of the bagged vacuum is that all of the dirt is trapped in the bag. You don’t have to worry about spilling it or getting dirty when you empty it. The bags are not very expensive and the people who favor bagged vacuums feel the benefits outweigh the added expense.

The bagless vacuum cleaners work using a cup to catch the dirt. When it is full, it is pulled out and dumped. The cup is clear, enabling you to see with a quick glance when it needs to be emptied.

There is no problem with overfilling the cup and the resultant lack of suction. Nor is there the expense of buying replacement bags. Many people love the fact that if they accidently suck something up, they can very easily find it in the dirt cup.

However, the bagless vacuum often has additional filters that need to be cleaned and/or replaced. Those who don’t like bagless vacuums, complain they get dirty emptying the cup and dust is released into the air. Sometimes the dirt gets backed up and has to be pulled out by hand to restore suction.

Most, if not all, of the complaints that have been lodged against bagless vacuum cleaners have been addressed by the manufacturers. The bagless vacuum has made substantial progress in eliminating the problems that plagued the original models and are now excellent products worthy of consideration for your next vacuum.

Reviews Of Some Of The Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Here are some of the best bagless models currently on the market that receive very high consumer ratings…

Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors

dyson-dc25-allfloorsThis top of the line Dyson vacuum is a bagless vacuum at its best. An upright styled vacuum, it uses the Dyson Ball technology that is used in most of their upright vacuums to allow them to turn and maneuver with ease.

This Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner has an 11-amp motor that is housed within the ball, lowering the weight center of the machine to add to its ease of movement.

There is no problem with escaped allergens with this model of Dyson. It contains a HEPA filter that has a lifetime guarantee.

It traps minute particles of bacteria, pollen, and allergens and can be washed. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American, the air that is emitted by the Dyson has less mold and bacteria than unfiltered air.

With a press of the button, the 1/3 gallon dirt cup can be emptied without ever coming in contact with the dirt. It is easy to see when the container is full and needs to be emptied.

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Hoover 5507-900 – Elite Auto-Rewind Bagless

hoover-5507The Hoover 5507 Elite is a bagless vacuum cleaner that has addressed many of the complaints people have about bagless models. At the top of the list, the cup no longer needs to be handled to be emptied.

An E-Z Empty dirt cup is emptied from the bottom without being handled. In addition, the HEPA filter is guaranteed to last a lifetime without being replaced.

An airflow indicator light lets you know when the vacuum needs to be emptied and the 12-amp motor provides powerful suction. It has a wide 14 1/2-inch cleaning path and adjustable height for different types of flooring.

The 24-foot cord rewinds by pushing a button and stretch hose make reaching difficult spots a breeze. A headlight lets you see clearly under furniture and in dark places.

It comes with a powered pet-hair tool, a crevice wand, a brush for cleaning upholstery and a one-year warranty.

Bissell 5770 Healthy Home Bagless Upright

bissell-healthy-homeThe Bissell Healthy Home is a top of the line bagless vacuum cleaner. The Bissell engineers and designers have created a multi-cyclonic technology that does an excellent job of removing allergens and dirt as it vacuums.

An AireTight HEPA filtration system is able to eliminate 100 % of the pollen, mold spores, and dust mites and lock them away in the filter.

It also is able to eliminate 99.9% of pet dander as well. An additional Micro-Ban coating on the vacuum helps to eliminate the odor and bacteria that can develop in bagless vacuums.

The Bissell Healthy Home vacuum actually cleans the air as it vacuums. Everything is trapped in the filters.

Your home will be left smelling and feeling cleaner than ever before. In addition, it has all the usual features and attachments of any top of the line vacuum cleaner.

In conclusion, bagless vacuum cleaners appear to have transformed the floor care appliance segment. None of the models we looked into had the anemic 9-amp or 6-amp motors used a decade ago. Every one of them had a professional grade 12-amp motor. You can’t go too far wrong with this category of product.