Finding The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

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Upright vacuums are primarily designed for cleaning carpeted flooring although the top of the line uprights from Miele and Dyson also perform excellently on hardwood floors.

Many uprights have on-board attachments that connect to the machines hose for various jobs.

Features like a detachable canister or long, stretchy hose can make using the machine for jobs like vacuuming stairs, upholstery or dusting much easier than having to carry around a full sized vacuum.

Although experts claim that canister vacuum cleaners are superior to upright models, many people prefer the upright because it is so easy to use.

It's easy on the back, easy to care for and takes up less storage space because there are very few, if any, attachments to be stowed away.

Comparing The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners Of 2024

Pros And Cons of Upright Vacuums

With the latest advancements in technology, the difference between upright and canister vacuum cleaners is not that big.

The decision to purchase an upright versus a canister vacuum cleaner is typically made based on which type of vacuum you’re used to using in your home.

Having said that, there are still some pros and cons of upright vacuums that may help you decide if the upright model fits your needs.

The GoodUpright Vacuum Dyson Ball Maneuverability

  • Excellent for vacuuming carpets as all uprights have a rotating brush bar to beat out the dust from a carpet and then suck up the dust.
  • Often very versatile. Many come equipped with different height settings for short or long pile carpeting. Also, many have the option of turning off the brush bar for cleaning up hard flooring.
  • The on board tools can be stored right on the vacuum. If you need to get upholstery clean, or a table-top dusted off, you can use the hose and on board tools without even having to turn the machine off.

The BadUpright Vacuum Cleaner Under Furniture

  • Can be heavy, and some of them are quite bulky. They don’t get underneath furniture easily, or the corners under a kitchen cabinet, as you have to push the whole machine into the tight spaces.
  • Not very good for vacuuming staircases. Uprights don’t sit well on a stair, so you often have to hold onto the upright and use the on board tools to clean stairs.
  • Not really suitable for vacuuming other areas such as the interior of a car. The hose usually isn’t as long as the hose on a canister, and you don’t have as many options for attachments compared to a canister.

Upright Vs. Canister Vacuum Cleaners

If you want to know even more about an upright versus a canister vacuum cleaner, here are some final thoughts:Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner

1. Ready in an instant. Upright vacuum cleaners do not require assembly or the attachment of hoses and brushes or cleaning heads before they can be used. Canister vacuums require set up time as well as time to change cleaning heads and brushes with each task.

2. Ergonomic design. Upright vacuums are easier for people with physical challenges to operate. Canister vacuums require a certain amount of bending and/or stooping in order to attach hoses and brushes.

3. Easy to store. Upright vacuum cleaners require very little space for storage when not in use. Typically, a space no larger than the base is all that is needed.

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