Eureka 313A Enviro Steamer Review

Eureka 313A Enviro Steamer

If you desire a more environmentally friendly way to clean your hard surface flooring, the Eureka 313A Enviro Steamer is a good option to consider.

Using only water to clean, this steam mop comes with two magic cloths, a telescoping handle, a measuring cup, and funnel for filling the water reservoir and heating/cool down tray.

We found the waffle design of the magic cloths especially useful for capturing dirt and debris from the floor.

See our video review below for a detailed demonstration of how this mop works.


  • Chemical free/environmentally friendly
  • Washable cloths
  • Light weight
  • Provided funnel, measuring cup and two Magic Cloths


  • Debris left in tile grout
  • Small measuring cup
  • Cord does not stay in its clip.

Video Review


  • Cleans and sanitizes without the use of chemicals
  • Washable cleaning cloth
  • Preheating/cool down tray

Attachments/On-Board Tools

  • Two Magic cloths
  • Funnel
  • Measuring Cup

Our In-Depth Review

Performance: Using the Eureka 313A EnviroSteamer

Eureka 313A Enviro Steamer StandingWe loved using the Eureka 313A Enviro Steamer steam mop. With a full water reservoir, it produced a large amount of continuous steam. We followed the instructions and slowly moved the steam mop across our hard surface flooring.

For the dirtiest areas, we paused between eight and fifteen seconds to allow the steam time to loosen the stain before wiping it away with the magic cloth. With the exception of tile, our floors looked surprisingly cleaner after using this product.

We were equally surprised, pleased and disgusted by the amount of dirt on the magic cloth after we finished cleaning. We sweep regularly, but it was amazing how much dirt our broom had left behind but was picked up by the EnviroSteamer.

Vinyl And Tile Flooring

Before using the Eureka 313A Enviro Steamer, we found it helpful and would recommend sweeping the floors to remove them of all large dirt and debris. It preformed very well on the vinyl leaving our floor shiny and squeaky clean without leaving behind any sticky chemical residue or buildup.

We did notice, however, an issue when cleaning the tile. As we moved the device over the tile, some of the debris picked up by the cloth was left behind in the crevices present between the tiles. If you have lighter tiles as we do, the material left on the floor is noticeable without a close inspection.

Dried, Sticky Debris placed several drops of apple juice onto our tiles and let it dry overnight. We wanted to see how the Eureka 313A Enviro Steamer did at cleaning up sticky, dried residue. After letting the steam mop warm up the next morning, we began our test.

As the directions advised, we placed the machine over the dried juice, letting it sit for eight to ten seconds. This loosened the juice and it took us only three passes over the mess for the floor to be clean.

Scuff Marks

We also tried this same tactic with scuff marks left from shoes the vinyl flooring. After letting the steam work its magic on the marks for 5-10 seconds, we had to pass the Enviro Steamer over the mark four times before it was gone completely.

Edge Cleaning

Eureka 313A Enviro EdgeThe edges of the base are flat which allowed us to get right up against the border of our floors for thorough cleaning.

Since the pad wraps up along the sides of the machine, it actually helps protect the wall and/or molding which could be scuffed from the device sliding along the wall if it weren’t for the pad.

Keep in mind that the tallest point of the machine’s base is nearly four and three quarters inches high with the pad attached. Many cabinets have a recessed area at the bottom.

We had enough clearance to get under our cabinets, but if we were unable to get into that area to clean, we would forgo this machine and look for a steam mop with a lower profile base.

Ease of Use

Cord management and Length

Connecting at the base of the Eureka Enviro Steamer machine, the cord can be secured to the top-front of the telescoping handle.

This is supposed to keep the cord out of the way while using the machine. However, the cord often became unattached, falling to the floor making it harder to freely move the device.

The cord can be stored when not in use on the cord wrap with one hook at the handle base and one at the top of the telescoping wand. The cord measures twenty feet in length.

While it served our purpose without being a hindrance, we would have found it too short if we had a larger area to clean that would have required us to stop to change the plug from one power outlet to another.

Getting Started

Eureka 313A Getting StartedGetting ready to use the Eureka313A Enviro Steamer steam cleaner is easy and requires no tools. Once you have removed all of the pieces from the box, begin by screwing the telescoping handle into the base.

Next, place the base on top of a magic cloth and wrap the ends of the cloth around the base clipping them into the cloth clips on either side of the machine. The clips don’t open very high making it a little difficult to get the pad secured.

Remove the safety cap from the water reservoir, insert the funnel and use the measuring cup to pour two cupfuls (12 ounces) of water into the reservoir.

We wish Eureka would have made the measuring cup 12 ounces instead of making us fill it up twice.

Screw the cap back on, place the machine on the preheating/cool down tray, plug it in, turn it on and bingo! You can begin using the machine as soon as you see steam appear, it took just a minute or two for this to happen.


Eureka 313A Enviro ManuverabilityFor easy maneuverability, the Eureka313A Enviro Steamer has a pivoting handle. Because the handle pivots from the base, it requires more control to keep the machine steady during use. This has potential to cause more strain on the wrist during prolonged use.

While pivoting from the base can cause strain, we also found it offered a few positives. Because the telescoping handle pivots from the base, it is able to be lowered almost perpendicular to the floor which allows for easy cleaning under furniture.

We found this to be helpful in cleaning under our coffee table and kitchen table while avoiding the hassle of having the move the furniture. The machine slid very easily across the floor and we liked the wide base that allowed us to cover more area in less time.


The EnviroSteamer should be stored with the cord secured on the cord wrap and the reservoir emptied of water. Eureka recommends storing this machine in a cool, dry place with the base on the cool down tray. Make sure that you have enough space to store this in a closet or utility room prior to purchasing.


Eureka 313A Enviro Magic ClothTap water is fine to use in this machine unless you have hard water. If that is the case, you may want to use distilled water to prevent calcification.

The magic cloth will need to be rinsed and line dried after each use.

While many choose to wash the cloth in the washing machine, Eureka recommends that you abstain from putting it in the dryer as it will shrink and no longer fit the base.

Value For Money

At around sixty to eighty dollars to purchase, we would be more than willing to spend the money on the Eureka 313A Enviro Steamer steam mop. With no cleaning chemicals or disposable pads to purchase, we feel that the machine will quickly pay for itself.

Besides, you can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that comes from being a good steward of our environment and home.

Final Steamer Verdict

We would recommend the Eureka313A Enviro Steamer steam cleaner to someone who has vinyl, or linoleum flooring.

Be sure to check with your flooring manufacturer before using it on laminate, engineered or hardwood flooring as continued use might warp these floors if they are not designed to be cleaned with steam.

We thought the Eureka313A Enviro Steamer did a great job cleaning our vinyl floors. We liked the waffle design of the magic cloth and felt that it did a good job picking up the dirt from our floor.

We appreciated that Eureka! includes a measuring device and funnel for easy filling.