Hoover Linx Cordless Hand Vacuum BH50015 Review

Hoover Linx Cordless Hand Vacuum BH50015

The Hoover Linx Cordless Hand Vacuum BH50015 has a sleek, modern design and is built with advanced cleaning technology.

It features the Cyclonic Action Filtration mechanism that twirls dust away from the filter maintaining optimum suction power.

This Hoover cordless vacuum features an ergonomic design that requires less effort from you to maneuver it. You can say goodbye to aching arms and wrists.

The integrated dust brush and crevice tool help you clean small areas and upholstery.

View our video review below to get more details on the function of this model.


  • Strong suction
  • Good battery


  • Doesn't work well in vehicles
  • Poor performance on pet-hair
  • On-board tools come unlatched during use

Video Review


  • Cordless
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Fade free battery power

Attachments/On-Board Tools

  • Combination crevice tool/dusting brush

Our In-Depth Review

Performance: Using the Hoover Linx Cordless Hand Vacuum

Performance on Carpets

Hoover BH50015 Linx CarpetThe first set of tests we performed with the Hoover BH50015 Linx Cordless was on our carpets. We did this to see how the handheld cleaned small, medium and large particles.

For small particles, we sprinkled flour on the carpet and used the vacuum to clean it up. We used rice for the medium and beans for the large. The Hoover easily and effectively cleaned up all three sizes without issue.

Performance on Hard Surface Flooring

Hoover BH50015 Linx Hard FloorsWe conducted the same tests on hard surface flooring that we did on the carpet. The vacuum performed just as well on the three tests on the hard surface floor as on the carpet.

On our hard surface flooring, we tested the vacuum’s ability to clean small particles in two ways. First, we tried to clean up the flour without the combination crevice/brush tool.

The Linx did a good job at cleaning the flour, but it took several swipes over the material before all was sucked up.

The second test we performed on the small particles was with the combination crevice/brush tool deployed. The handheld cleaned the small particles more effectively with the brush tool than without, taking only one pass to pick up the majority of the small particles.

We did notice one issue. In order to use the tool, it has to be pulled out to the end of the crevice tool, where it locks into place.

When we were cleaning with the brush deployed, the tool would sometimes become unlocked and slide back to its storage position. We wished that the brush clicked into place more securely.

Performance on Automobiles

Hoover BH50015 Linx CarWe used the Hoover Linx Cordless Hand Vacuum to clean our car and were not overly impressed with its ability to clean effectively. The nozzle head is smaller than other handhelds we have reviewed.

As a result, it took longer to clean the floors. We preferred the Linx BH50030 to this model since it had the power head brushroll which worked better to grab debris from carpeted surfaces.

The crevice tool also left us wanting. It was not long enough to reach the areas in the car that we desired to, like between the seats. As a result, we would not recommend using this vacuum to clean vehicles.

Performance on Pet-hair

Hoover BH50015 Linx Pet HairWe tried using this machine to remove fine dog hair from our upholstered sofa. It did not work.

We tried testing it using just the nozzle and it left every last strand of the hair on the sofa. We also tried to use the dusting brush to see if it would be able to brush and lift the hair up to be sucked into the machine.

All this accomplished was rolling the pet-hair into little clumps, still leaving all the hair on our sofa. If you desire a machine that you can use to clean up after your pets, this machine is not for you.


Hoover BH50015 Linx FiltrationThe filtration on this machine is basic, but effective. It consists of a plastic pre-screen and a foam filter with a mico-layer to catch fine particles that fit inside the pre-screen.

A particle scanner is a machine that tests the number of particles in the air. We use this tool in all of our reviews at Vacuum Wizard.

When testing the air being emitted from the exhaust of the Linx, the count on the particle scanner decreased meaning that the filter is indeed capturing fine dust as it cleans instead of blowing it all back into the air.

Ease of Use


Contemporary and sleek, we appreciated the refined silver styling of the Linx. We found this machine to be ergonomically designed.

The weight is well balanced between the front and the back of the machine reducing strain on the wrist. The underside of the handle has a rubber grip adding comfort while you clean by keeping the vacuum from slipping. All components of the machine are easy to reach and operate.

Getting Started

The vacuum comes fully assembled. Its as easy as taking it out of the box. However, as with most battery operated handhelds, the battery has to be charged prior to your first use. Hoover instructs that the battery must charge for a full three hours.

Battery Charge

Hoover BH50015 Linx BatteryThe Hoover Linx Cordless Hand Vacuum boasts a Energy Star rated, lithium ion battery that provides fade-free power.

The Linx system allows you to use the battery with the other machines in this series. Once the battery is inserted into the charging station, it can take up to three hours to charge.

One feature we liked was the machine’s “fuel gage.” This blue light located above the power button shows you how much time you have left to clean before the charge of the battery is gone.


Even though the Linx Handheld is void of a storage case or stand, it is self contained and therefore easy to store on a shelf or in a cupboard. In addition to the machine, the battery charging stand will also need to be stored.


The Hoover Linx Cordless Hand Vacuum fell in the medium rating (seventy-five to eighty-five decibels) during our noise test. The decibel meter gave us a reading of roughly eighty decibels.

This is a common rating for handhelds. Thus far, none of our handhelds have received the quiet rating (under 75 decibles), with most falling into the medium category.

Ease of Use on Stairs

Hoover BH50015 Linx StairsThe limitation caused by this machine’s smaller head and lack of brushroll were again apparent on our carpeted stairs.

It did an OK job, but did take longer than other handhelds we have tested and we felt that it really worked best for grabbing surface dirt and not deep cleaning.

If our stairs were not carpeted, we would probably have loved using this machine on them. Its cordless feature comes in especially useful for traveling between floors.


Equipped with a combination crevice tool and dusting brush, this machine makes it easy to transition between cleaning tasks.

The tools flips up from the underside of the nozzle and snaps into place. The dusting brush can be engaged by sliding it to the end of the nozzle. The crevice tool only measures under four inches in length.

We found this made it useless for tasks such as cleaning between the seats in our car and our upholstery cushions.

The opening of the dusting brush is surrounded by soft bristles.

We felt it did a great job cleaning baseboards, blinds and even furniture.

One word of caution on the dusting brush is that it does not lock securely into place, often sliding back up the crevice tool during cleaning.


To keep the vacuum performing at it most effective cleaning capacity, it is important to regularly clean the filter.

The owner’s manual recommends cleaning it by either brushing it off or rinsing it with water. If using water to clean, it is important to allow the filter at least twenty-four hours to dry before returning it to the vacuum and using it again.

Value For Money

The Hoover Linx Cordless Hand Vacuum retails for around $100.00. We felt this was expensive! While the machine seems to be well made and has a lithium battery, we wouldn’t invest that amount of money into purchasing it. There are other vacuums on the market for the same price that have more cleaning options.

Final Vacuum Verdict

The Hoover Linx Cordless Hand Vacuum is a decently designed machine with good suction and a superior battery.

However, this vacuum does have limitations so consider carefully what you want to use it for.

If you are someone with little carpeting or who doesn’t have pets in your home, this machine could be an excellent pick for you.

We did feel that the combination crevice tool/dusting brush not staying in place detracted from the quality of the machine.