SEBO Airbelt D4 Vacuum Review

SEBO Airbelt D4 Vacuum

Our SEBO Airbelt D4 review has yielded overall positive results across the board.

This high-quality canister vacuum cleaner works well as a vacuum for your carpet and your hard surface flooring.

The Airbelt D4 vacuum also comes with a buffer that can be used to polish many types of hard flooring.

This machine’s superior filtration system actually purifies the air as it cleans making it an excellent choice for asthma or allergy sufferers.

The Airbelt comes with a variety of useful attachments as well. They are stored in the canister of the machine making them easily accessible.


  • Purifies air as it cleans
  • Can be used on all types of flooring


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Large to transport


  • Hospital grade, three step filtration system
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Adjustable suction strength

Attachments/On-Board Tools

  • Crevice tool
  • Extension wand
  • Dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool
  • Parquet Brush
  • Power brush
  • Disco

Our In-Depth Review


SEBO gives you eight fabric design options to choose from so you can select a guard that suites your style.

There are only two over sized buttons on the top of the SEBO Airbelt D4 canister, the automatic cord rewind and the power button. The top of the canister flips up revealing the generously sized dirt bag.

Three on-board attachments are stored in the back of the vacuum for easy access. The crevice tool, dust brush and upholstery tool are full sized.

The filtration system on this vacuum proved to be superior. The three step filtration process includes a dirt bag, S-class filters and the exhaust filter.

When we tested this vacuum’s exhaust with our particle scanner, we found that it read zero particle emissions greater than .3um per cubic foot.

Purifying the air as it cleans, this vacuum is especially beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers.

The SEBO Airbelt D4 does a great job on hard surface flooring and carpets, so you will only need one floor cleaner for your entire home.

SEBO Airbelt D4 Vacuum Performance

Overall Performance

The D4 did a great job of cleaning hard surface flooring and carpets. We found that the clearance on the parquet tool and the power brush were both too low to allow large particles underneath, but the suction was strong enough to capture both.

Performance on Carpets

Using the power brush attachment with a 2700 rpm brush speed, we tested the SEBO’s performance on carpets using fine, medium and large particles.

For fine particles, we put flour on the carpet. The SEBO Airbelt D4 vacuum sucked up the flour without leaving a trace behind acing our fine particle test. Using rice for our medium particle test, we found that the SEBO was able to remove all of the rice from the carpet.

For large particles we used white beans for testing. Even though the SEBO had the power to suck up the large particles, the beans were too large to be sucked under the power brush and we had to lift the brush off the floor and place it over the beans to get them up.

Performance on Rugs

Set at its lowest setting, the vacuum did a great job of cleaning our light rugs without bunching them or sucking up the tousles.

Performance on Hard Floors

Sebo Airbelt D4 PerformanceThe SEBO Airbelt D4 canister vacuum cleaner comes with a parquet tool specifically designed for cleaning hard floors.

This light tool is surrounded by soft bristles that glided smoothly across the floor as we clean.

Putting the vacuum to the test, we spread flour on the floor to test how the vacuum handles fine particles. The strong suction got every particle off the floor.

Next we tested the vacuums ability to handle medium particles using rice. Again, the vacuum sucked up all the grains of rice without spitting any of them aside. Lastly, we put white beans on the floor to see how the vacuum handled large particles.

While the bristles are cut with alternately lower and higher bristles to allow particles to be sucked through, the openings are not very large and there was not enough space for the beans to fit through. However, if we picked the brush up slightly from the floor allowing more clearance, the powerful motor easily sucked up the beans.

Edge Cleaning

When using the power brush on carpets, the SEBO Airbelt D4 effectively removed all the debris from the edge. However, the small wheels on either side of the parquet tool kept it from getting up against the edge of the wall and left a small trace of debris behind that we needed to use the crevice tool to remove.

Performance on Pet-Hair

The parquet tool and power head both did a great job of removing pet hair from our floor and carpet.

We were, however, disappointed in the upholstery brush’s ability to remove pet hair from our fabric couch.

While it removed the majority, it was unable to grab the very fine hairs that clung firmly to the couch.

We tested the vacuum on very fine, fluffy dog hair so keep in mind that it may perform differently on different breeds of dog hair.


The SEBO Airbelt D4 vacuum has a three step, S-class microfilters filtration system. The first step of the filtration system is the top-filled, multi-layered bags.

SEBO claims that the bags hold virtually all dirt captured by the vacuum which improves the effectiveness and useful life of the mircofilters.

Because the bags are filled from the top, the dirt settles to the bottom and fills from the bottom up with the air exiting from the sides. This ensures continuously strong suctions because the airflow is unrestricted as the bag fills.

Once the bag is full, there is a plastic plug that can be secured at the opening so that debris will not escape during disposal.

The downside of the bag is that the opening is exposed once you lift the lid of the canister allowing the particles to escape before you close the plug.

The SEBO D4 has S-class filters. The S stands for Schwebstoff which means airborne particles. These filters are made from electrostatically charged microfiber material.

As the air travels through the vacuum, this material attracts and captures dust particles. The standard for these filters is that they absorb more than 99.9% of particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter. With a long-lasting life expectancy, the S-class filters typically cost less than HEPA filters.

The last step in the filtration process is the exhaust filter that cleans the air emitted by the motor of the vacuum. The exhaust air is diffused through the AIRBELT bumper that surrounds the canister.

We used our particle scanner to test the exhaust air of the vacuum. Our particle scanner reads how many particles are in the air per cubic foot over .03 microns. We were very impressed to see the particle count go down to zero! This means that the D4 lives up to its claims and purifies the air as it cleans. This is a great thing for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Suction Strength

The suction is controlled by a switch on the handle. The suction power level is indicated by a LED light that surrounds the power button on the canister. The light spins faster as the strength is increased and slower as you decrease the power.

It is even possible to turn off the suction entirely from the handle. We felt that this was a great location for the power control.

Setting the SEBO Airbelt D4 vacuum at its highest setting, we measured the suction of this vacuum with our water lift gauge. Water lift is the measurement of the strength of the suction produced by the motor. The D4 measured 70 which is the average for all vacuums.

Attachments / Onboard Tools

Sebo Airbelt D4 ToolsDisco – This Ultra-High-Speed tool polishes and vacuums at the same time. Because the disco is attached to a vacuum, it removes any debris as it cleans and leaves a spotless finish on the floor.

The disco was easy to use and moved smoothly across the floor as we cleaned.

We didn’t notice a significant difference in the shine of our floor after using the disco, but it did appear very clean.

The disco has a a few different pads that attach to the disco to clean and polish a variety of floor surfaces.

Crevice nozzle – Measuring nine and one half inch, the crevice tool slides into a compartment at the back of the vacuum for easy access and storage.

Dust brush – The dusting brush is stored in the back of the vacuum and measures three inches tall by two and one half inches at its widest point.

The top of the brush is surrounded by soft bristles and swivels so you can get the perfect angle every time. The top of the brush is tear drop shaped and this ingenious design was perfect for getting in corners.

Extension wand – The extension wand connects to the handle of the vacuum at one end and any of the attachments or cleaning tools at the other.

It measures twenty and one half inches extending to thirty seven inches. Not only did this allow us to reach high places, it also allowed us to adjust the handle to the appropriate height for each user.

Upholstery tool – Also stored in the back of the SEBO Airbelt D4 vacuum, the upholstery tool is 5 inches long by one inch wide. It has a very thin strip of soft bristles that are across the top of the brush to catch all lint, pet hair or debris that you are trying to remove.

Ease of Use

Cord management and Length

The SEBO’s power cord measures an impressive forty feet. In addition to the luxuriously long cord, the SEBO boasts a operating radius of fifty feet.

We loved the extra length that gave us the ability to vacuum a large area or several rooms without having to stop and find a new plug for the power cord.

The cord is stored inside the canister of the vacuum and can be pulled out from the back. With a cord this long, we appreciated the automatic cord rewind that is operated by the tap of a button located on top of the canister.

Hose Management and Length

The hose measures seven feet long and is blow molded. We felt that the hose was not very flexible. It connects to the canister and is able to rotate three-hundred and twenty degrees for easy maneuverability. The hose also connects at the base of the handle and pivots where it connects.

Floor Selection

The power brush designed for use on carpets can be set to four heights. This is done by a dial on the top of the power brush. You also have the option to decide if you want the roller brush on depending on what style of floor you are cleaning.

This can be done by pressing a button on the top of the power brush. When the roller is engaged, the button has a green light that will turn on.

There is also a second light located on top of the power brush. This light will turn on as a caution when you don’t have the power brush level on the floor so it can properly clean.

Getting Started

Beginning to use the SEBO Airbelt D4 canister requires very little set-up. Once the box is open, the vacuum can be assembled in under two minutes.

The hose snaps into the canister and the telescoping wand. Other than that, you will need to attach the power head or parquet tool depending on which type of flooring you will be cleaning. That’s all it takes to set-up the machine and you are ready to start cleaning.


The SEBO D4 has a ergonomic handle with the pivoting hose extending from the base of the handle. We have found this feature to be extremely desirable on canister vacuums because the hose pivots freely while your wrist is able to stay steady.

Because you don’t have to work to keep the handle steady, it takes the strain off of your wrist and allows you to comfortably vacuum for extended periods of time.

This SEBO vacuum cleaner lays flat to the floor requiring a mere three and one-half inch clearance. Such a low profile allows you to easily vacuum beneath furnishings for a thorough cleaning. The hose has a three-hundred and twenty degree rotation at the point that it connects to the canister.

All the connections are quick releasing for changing between cleaning tools. Having tested other vacuums in the past where it was a struggle to release the connections, we appreciated how smoothly these buttons operated.

The SEBO Airbelt D4 vacuum has four castors on the button with rubber-coated wheels. These wheels turn three-hundred and sixty degrees. The vacuum also has steel bearings and an axle for added strength and durability.

During testing, we found that the vacuum glided very smoothly along behind as we cleaned hard surface flooring. However, we found that the SEBO D4 didn’t travel well on carpets.

Its larger size and somewhat boxy design caused it to get stuck when traveling around corners or past furnishings. It also required more effort to pull the canister behind us as we cleaned.

This sturdy vacuum falls into our medium weight category weighing in at 15.9 pounds. Because of the weight and size of this canister, it could be difficult for some users to transport between floors or on the stairs.

Ease of Use on Stairs

While the SEBO Airbelt D4 did a great job of cleaning the stairs, carrying the full-sized canister up the stairs as we vacuumed was cumbersome. This vacuum has a carrying handle on top of the canister, but at 15.9 pounds, it was still inconvenient to use on stairs.


The canister can be stored in an upright position and has a storage aid on the back and underside that the hose slides into securely, storing it so it doesn’t fall over.


Holding the decibel reader at chest height, we saw that this vacuum produced an average reading of sixty-seven decibels. At VacuumWizard, we consider anything under seventy-five decibels to be quiet for a vacuum and we found this vacuum to have a comfortable noise level during use.


Sebo Airbelt d4 bagThe dirt collection bag will need to be changed. The intuitive vacuum takes all of the guesswork out of when the bag needs to be changed because there is an indicator just above the hose that tells you when the bag is full.

These bags cost around twenty-nine dollars for a box of eight.

In addition to the bag, the exhaust and motor filters will need to be replaced. These can be purchased together for around forty-six dollars.

Other than changing the filters and bag, you will need to do regular maintenance such as changing the vacuums belt and keeping the roller brush free of dirt and debris.

Value For Your Money

This vacuum is pricey! Typically sold for between $989-$1279, you have to be ready to make an investment in a vacuum to consider purchasing the SEBO Airbelt D4 canister vacuum. With that in mind, this vacuum was built to last.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to shop for a new vacuum every few years, doesn’t have too many stairs to clean and trusts the high quality German engineering compared to “Made in China” products, then the SEBO Airbelt D4 is well worth the investment.

Properly caring for your hard surface flooring with tools like the disco can retain the beauty and value of your floors. Debris can cut and break down the fibers of your carpets wearing them out sooner.

By caring for your flooring with a machine that will maintain and clean it as well as the SEBO, it will last longer and could save you a significant amount of money over the long run.

Final Vacuum Verdict

Sebo Airbelt D4We liked this vacuum. The SEBO Airbelt D4 is a well-built, quality machine that will last for years.

It has a excellent filtration system that is perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers.

It is versatile and does a good job cleaning hard surface flooring and carpets. We recommend this full-sized vacuum for someone with a larger area to clean.