Shark Pet Perfect II Review

Shark Pet Perfect II

This Shark Pet Perfect II handheld vacuum is designed to clean pet hair and other pet created messes. It is cordless and handheld, which makes it easy to grab and use whenever and wherever needed.

In this Shark Pet Perfect review we'll examine the performance, ease of use, and maintenance requirements of this small vacuum.

While it lived up to its name and did a good job removing pet hair from our upholstered furniture, it is not designed for keeping the air clean too. That's the job of the full sized vacuums. In addition to the in-depth review, read on below for our video review and more.


  • Great for cleaning stairs
  • Good suction power for most small cleaning jobs
  • Cleans pet hair well


  • Pet hair wraps around the motorized brush
  • Not perfect filtration (expected for a hand vacuum)

Video Review


  • Cordless
  • Works well on pet hair

Attachments/On-Board Tools

  • Motorized Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush

Our In-Depth Review


Shark SV780We loved the freedom of this cord free handheld and appreciated being able to clean our vehicles and a variety of other items without having to use an extension cord.

The biggest downside to this vacuum was that the filtration system failed to capture the majority of airborne particles causing the reading on our particle scanner to jump.

Performance: Using Shark Pet Perfect II (SV780)

Using the Shark between cleanings for quick pick-up was both effective and easy. With no cord to plug-in, we could quickly grab it and go wherever needed.

Performance on Carpets

Shark Pet Perfect II On CarpetWe needed to use the motorized brush to clean fine flour from our carpet and it cleaned up every particle we could see.

After trying to use the motorized brush to clean up our medium and large particles, rice and white beans, we found that it spit them around a bit rather than sucking them up.

It did a fine job picking up the rice and beans once we removed the motorized brush.

Hard Surface Flooring

Shark Pet Perfect II On Hard Surface FlooringTo see how the Shark would handle cleaning up small messes of various sized particles we used flour, rice and white beans for our test.

With the motorized brush head attached, the Shark did an excellent job removing the flour from the floor.

When cleaning up the rice and white beans, we removed the motorized brush and found that the Pet Perfect did a excellent job cleaning up both.

It was important to make sure the dirt container is not overly full when trying to clean large particles because it decreases the suction of the vacuum causing it to struggle in cleaning up the heavier debris.

Overall, we found this to be a very useful tool for cleaning small areas of hard surface flooring.

Performance on Automobiles

Shark Pet Perfect II On CarsAn effective, cordless handheld can take all the hassle out of keeping your car clean.

The motorized brush removed most of the debris from our floor mats, but it’s flat head had a difficult time moving over the contours of our car floor.

We found the crevice tool did a good job of cleaning in shallow crevices, but was to short to reach between and under our seats.

Performance on Pet-hair

The Pet Perfect lived up to its name as it perfectly preformed on sucking all pet hair from our upholstery. The only disadvantage that we noticed is that the fine, fluffy pet hair we used for testing wrapped around the rotating brush of the motorized brush head.

Attachments / Onboard Tools

Shark Pet Perfect II AttachmentsThe Shark is complete with three attachments including a crevice tool, dusting brush and motorized brush.

All tools are neatly stored on the charging stand. The motorized brush was excellent for cleaning fine particles, pet hair and carpet.

Cleaning the roller brush free of hair and strings was a easy job because the length of the brush is exposed. This allows you to cut the debris loose without the need to remove anything.

Suction Strength

From our observation, this vacuum seemed to have powerful suction for a handheld. As long as the vacuum isn’t full and good airflow is maintained, it was able to consume a variety of debris.

The filter does capture a lot of dust and it is very important to keep it clean because it if it gets to clogged the airflow will be limited and it greatly decreases the suction strength.

Ease of Use


This vacuum is very sleek and round. It has a rubber grip handle for added comfort. That said, we really wished that the angle of the machine was adjustable.

We found a few times while cleaning that we had to hold the vacuum at a unnatural angle for our wrist to get the proper angle for cleaning. This was especially evident while using the motorized brush and cleaning our car.

Getting Started

This machine required a minimum first time charge of twenty hours before we were able to begin using it. No other tools or set-up was required for the vacuum itself, but you will need tools if you choose to mount the charging stand to your wall.

Ease of Use on Stairs

Shark Pet Perfect II On StairsOne of our favorite places to use the Shark was on our stairs. We used the motorized brush tool to tackle this job.

After checking the dirt cup after cleaning, we were amazed at how much dust the vacuum was able to extract from our carpeted stairs.

It was comfortable to hold and clean with one hand.

Battery Charge/Cord

The Pet Perfect II is conveniently cordless and we were able to use the vacuum for several minutes without noticing a decrease in strength. However, Shark states that charging the vacuum when it still has some life left will decrease the life of the battery.


Shark Pet Perfect II StorageThe Shark cordless vacuum is stored upright in a small, black charging stand.

The stand can be mounted on a wall or sit on top of a counter.

A charging adapter cord comes from the bottom of the stand and will need to plug into a power outlet.

In addition to cradling the vacuum, the stand also stores the attachments.


This powerful handheld ranged between seventy-nine to eighty decibels.

This falls right in the middle of our moderate noise classification.

Due to the nature of a handheld vacuum the apparatus is closer to your ear thereby making it seem louder during use.



Shark Pet Perfect II FilterThe Shark comes with a dust cup filter that cleanses the air before it passes through the exhaust. The filter is rinsable, but should be replaced every three months for optimum performance.

After testing the exhaust with our particle scanner, we found that the particle count raised slightly rendering the filter inefficient at capturing particles as the air flows through. The filter rinsed clean, but requires twenty-four hours to dry before you can use it again.

Value for the Price

Costing just under sixty dollars to purchase, we felt this vacuum was worth the money and met our expectations for the price.

Final Vacuum Verdict

Overall, we liked using the Shark Pet Perfect II. We really like the convenience of the vacuum being cordless. It was able to handle a variety of messes on both hard surface and carpeted flooring.

Our biggest disappointment was the lack of filtration system. That said, better filtration is hard to come by in a less expensive vacuum.