Visitor Review: Rainbow In-Home Sales Presentation

Rainbow In-Home Sales Presentation

Don’t ever let them do a demo in your house, I’ll save you the time.

They will show you how your vacuum is not as effective as the Rainbow. They will wow you with the dirt left in your carpet.

They will also degrade you for having such a crappy cleaner and pressure you to pay way too much right now! for their model.

They say one hour, but it’ll be at least 2 hours. They were nice until the very end, after talking about the price when they get pushy and rude.

If I buy a Rainbow, which I still may, I will get one online. The sales pitch was like a 1950’s nightmare.


  1. Anonymous

    The sales guy you got did not understand the rule of three that Rainbow sales teaches. I sold Rainbows for three years part time in Texas, and every month when you add up your sales and multiply by 3, thats how many demos you had done.

    So there was no need to be pushy or rude, Rainbows will sell themselves. Buy a Rainbow you will not be disappointed. Yes they are expensive. I have had mine for 12 yrs, and had two services done at a cost of 150 dollars for each service. I haven’t sold the vac for 7 yrs but I hate to hear it when people have a bad experience with the sales people. I guess its like finding a good car salesmen few and far between.

  2. Anonymous

    I had the demo in my home. The rep was very pushy at the end of the demo. I told her before I let her use my home for her demo that I couldn’t afford to buy one as we had just moved to SC and bought a new house with a very high mortgage.

    I meet this lady at the gym. She said she knew how to get one for free as that was how she got hers. I only had to do one demo to get a free one. Well she left it and I returned it to her place of work at the Rainbow sales place they refused to take it back and said they would sue me for non payment if I left it there.

    I had to come up with $1000 dollars within the week to keep from being sued. I only had the vac for one day before I returned it. So take my advice and stay as far away from rainbow as you can get. Still owe almost $3000 after making payments for a year.

  3. Anonymous

    I had a Rainbow demo in my home because my friend for some odd reason has chosen to sale these and I believe they also lied to her and said “oh you don’t have to sell anything and you make 3000 dollar a month”… However, the guy was very nice and oh so chatty until he brought out the 2700 dollar price and I said no there is no way I am paying that much for a vacuum.

    He was very pushy after I said no at least four times and would not take that for an answer and than he decided to pretty much degrade my vacuum which is a Kenmore vacuum and does wonders… I can not beleive how RUDE these sales people are… DO NOT EVER LET THEM DO A DEMO or you to will be pressured and hassled in to spending entirely to much on a vacuum cleaner!!

  4. Anonymous

    I am the most skeptical person in the world when it comes to sales people and how pushy they can be. I even go so far as make a sales person take off their tie if they are trying to sell me something.
    I agree that sales people can be obnoxious and rude and pushy, BUT … let me say this- the Rainbow is the greatest product I have ever purchased in my life! With this machine, you can actually believe the hype! Every ad you see on Tv tries to make you think their product is the greatest, until you actually buy it. With the Rainbow, i have loved everything about it. My home is clean, smells great, and my family’s health has been better since the day we got the machine.

    You may not like sales people or their way of selling, but when it comes to buying a great product, I give the rainbow 2 big thumbs up!!

    And the price is not bad at all after you realize how well the machine works.

  5. Anonymous

    I have had a Rainbow for over a year and I HATE it. I am sick that we spent so much money on it. It does pick up a lot of dirt, pet hair, etc… but it is hideously inconvenient. The tank is constantly banging into the furniture and walls, as it is on wheels and has a mind of its own.

    It rolls over the cord constantly,then gets stuck and won’t roll at all. It gets entangled very easily. We have a 2 story home and taking it upstairs is clumsy and very heavy, even without the water in it. They say that it is more sanitary since the dirt goes into the water. However, when you empty the water and have to clean the tank, it is anything but sanitary. I had to get a large strainer to put into my utility sink to dump the tank into, as you would clog your drain with the dirt. Then I dump the wet slop into a plastic bag and put it in the trash. Then you have to clean and dry the unit so it doesn’t get moldy. Lots more work. I get upset every time I use it. It does not roll well because the wheels go in different directions.

    The wand and the attachment for the carpet do not respond well to the way you are directing it to go. If you turn the handle to the left or right, the vacuum head stays straight oftentimes. You also have to grip the handle tightly, as it has a lever that activates the brushes in the carpet attachment. Your hand gets tired with exerting this constant pressure to make the vacuum run. If I hadn’t spent a fortune on it, I would toss it out and get something that costs a lot less, and is more user friendly. My daughter and I bought one and the same time, and she hates hers too. Very disatisfied with my purchase. DO NOT GET ONE!!!!

    • Joe

      You wanna sell it cheap being you hate it, let me know

  6. Jennifer

    I have owned a Rainbow now for 8 yrs and I love. The couple who came into my home was not pushy at all. They told me I could get one for free by doing demos, so I thought I would try it. I did the program they paid off my machine and they were such a nice company to work for.

    They still contact me every so often just to see how I am. Does any of your old companys do that? They are out of Le Mars, Iowa and I love them and the product. Anyone who says that you should not let them come into your home dont listen to them, make your own decision. You would never regret letting them come into your home. And my demo only took 1 hr and 15 minutes but I had a great time.

    I had a Kirby and in 3 weeks of owning a rainbow I noticed a huge difference in my carpets and my son had breathing problems and he is doing so much better. Don’t listen to these complainers they cant even give their name they stay anonymous. What cowards and if they all want to live in complete filth let them. And I do know you can by one cheaper on line but it will come with no warranty and they are used. so just be careful. I would rather pay the little more and get one from a distributer that backs the product then from someone that does not. Buy a rainbow I promise you you will never regret it. And once you see all the filth your vacuum blows back out into the air. wow. Trust me its amazing.


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