Visitor Review: Kirby G2000 Review

Kirby G2000 Review

I am Dutch and I bought my Kirby in Holland. It took me several years before I made up my mind to just buy it. I never regretted it.

When I immigrated to Australia with my husband my daughters, who have their own families, stayed in Holland and begged me to leave the Kirby for them. Happily I was selfish and took it with me and I still use it with pleasure. The only thing is that in Australia I cannot find genuine vacuum bags, the one they sell are very hard to get on and very expensive so I have to ask my family in Holland to send some for me.

I can recommend the Kirby to everybody who needs a new vacuum cleaner because it does so much more than an ordinary vacuum cleaner. It is expensive but it is a life time product and the service is splendid. In holland I did not need the shampoo system but now I will order it because all the bedrooms (4) has carpet.

My husband uses it to clean the inside of the car, I clean the mattresses and one time the kitchen drain was blocked and turning the hose to the other side I blew what ever was blocking it out. I could go on and on about all the benefits but just buy one and experience it by yourself.

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