Visitor Review: Kirby Sentria Home Care System

Kirby Sentria Home Care System

The Sentria Home Care System by Kirby is the BEST vacuum. It is built for durability and the cleaning results are great.

Professional cleaners have 3-5 different machines that the Sentria can do just as good. But, lets be honest, with professional cleaners we pay for the labor.

If you are not lazy then Kirby’s Sentria is for you. With the Kirby, you pay for a machine that will save you money for years and you still get great cleaning results.

The Kirby Sentria not only cleans carpets, floors, and beds but the air we breathe as well. Yes, it is heavier than other vacuums, but with the long hose and other attachments one shouldn’t have to lift it often.

It still sucks up dirt etc. very well with just the attachments. Don’t lift it up unless you really need to, which should be only once or twice, right?

Cleaning is a profession now. But why pay others to do something we can do ourselves?

If you love cleaning. If you don’t mind taking the time switching attachments. If you don’t want allergens and dustmites. If you want a long lasting machine.

If you want a quality machine. GET Kirby’s Sentria Home Care System!


  1. Anonymous

    Bad Kirby: Kirby is junk..salesmen took over a month to give attachments.when it broke they had went out of business. Kirby home office gave numbers for repair shops that had gone out of business.still have a machine that does not work and no way to get it fixed unless i want to take it over 300 mile a way..again junk is junk…..

    • KF

      I know this is a new response to an old review, but perhaps new readers will profit. This is a near pointless review from 2009 as it mainly bashes the salesman, repair shops, and home office… reasons given for why its ‘junk’. From what I”ve learned and read, its rare for one to break down, they’ve been making vacuums that last since 1914 so any reasonable person would admit, from that info alone probably, that they are durable and keep making products that consumers want/need. I own several older Kirbys….FAR from junk, instead, durable, versatile cleaning machines is a more accurate description

  2. Adrian Blackmon

    Nothing compares to Kirby Sentria: I’ve seen everything on the market, and nothing can compare to a Kirby. Kirbys are built up to a standard rather than a price. Its the best hands down.

  3. David

    So we just purchased a Kirby Sentria. I wish I would have researched it before purchasing but that would only be to save a few more dollars! They started out with a price tag of $2600 and we knocked it down to $1500. By that point I was feeling like we were as low as we dared to go.

    The vacuum is amazing. The suction is great and the Carpet cleaning mode works well. Not as well as the guys that come to your house but well. At the end of the day it is expensive but if a deeper kind of clean is something that you like you’ll be happy with it… As long as you’re not eating rice and beans to pay for it!

  4. Anonymous

    Kirby is definatley junk: i completely agree with your comment my kirby vac is sitting in the corner of my kitchen i cant even use it cause all it does is fall apart and the wont give me my money back and iv only had it for about a week. its bull if you ask me. A big joke this vac is and its costomer service.

  5. Samuel D.

    Love the Sentria: Okay, perhaps it’s early, but I gotta say we really like the Sentria! I’ve been a dyed-in-the-wool Filter Queen guy for a long time, and there are still some things that I’ll always use the Filter Queen for, like vacuuming stairs. 🙂

    That being said, my wife always wanted a Kirby, and when a platoon of Kirby sales people descended on our neighborhood this weekend, I decided to say yes.

    The salesman did aggressively, yet politely, push for a sale. However, he did think he’d already struck out with me when I surprised him with an offer for his demo unit. I figured I’d save a few bucks that way, and still get the warranty. His manager offered a new one for $100 more, so I took it. $1,000 total, plus tax. Something for them, something for me, we’re all happy. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    I bought a kirby sentria vacuum last year. The pitch was good and i was in a spring cleaning mode. After about a week i realized it is absolutely not an easy vacuum to operate. Hate the fact the hose is not attached. The belt comes off constantly. It’s a very expensive headache. I bought a vacuum from sears cause I couldn’t stand the kirby anymore.

    my advice? DON’T BUY A KIRBY. !!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Sentria: This new model is not the first Kirby that I have had. My Kirby Ultimate G was the best vacuum that I have ever owned and it would still be with me if not for divorce.

    A Kirby has it all wrapped up in one package, sure they are a bit heavy, but the power drive makes up for it, and I have NEVER had a cleaner home.

  8. Anonymous

    Kirby Generation 3 – upgrade to Sentria: I have owned a Generation 3 Kirby which I believe came out in the early 90’s which means I have owned it for almost 20 years. It has been a workhorse. I have had to replace the roller brush.

    But I will say that I really love the carpet cleaning power of the Kirby. I have tried a couple of friend’s carpet cleaners after whining and complaining about what a pain it is to put the Kirby shampooer all together and clean and put away. But I will never complain again and continue to sing the praises of the Kirby carpet cleaner.

    Other carpet cleaners I tried also involved preparing and putting a bunch of parts together and the cleaning power didn’t even come near the Kirby.

    I just purchased the newer Sentria. Not much has changed in 20 years – I suppose why ruin a good thing in the good vacuuming mechanism. The motor is faster and more powerful. I will use my older model for upstairs cleaning (the sweeper still runs great) and use my new sweeper for downstairs.

    I suppose cons to me would be that the sweeper is noisy and I wish it there was a way to keep basic attachments attached to the sweeper. A retractable cord would be nice for a sweeper priced the way this one is.

    This product reminds me in a way that Avon sells it’s products. You can look at Avon products online but you cannot buy them online – they will refer you to a representative.

    I understand that when a Kirby representative comes to the door he is going to have to be a bit more pushy because he is selling one and only one product, unfortunately a a big-buck item. He has to jump through hoops.

    I just don’t like the hook tactics that they try to get you to agree to and place one price in front of you and then you get the “well, let me call my manager and see what he will do.” bit. It feels like a car dealership.

  9. Vyki Lightcap

    Kirby Sentria: For the first time in years, I can breathe in my home. My allergies in my home are 100% better in just two uses. I am amazed by this!!! Thank you Kirby!!

  10. Ty

    Amazing: I have a kirby heritage that is 26 years old and it makes my cousins dyson seem worthless kirbys are the best cleaning machine on the market i got my heritage 8 years ago and currently sell the sentria model door 2 door i was amazed by its suction power

  11. Chris Young

    It is the best vacuum I have ever used. It may be heavy, but it is very powerful. I was told that the weight was a by-product of the size of the motor which is understandable considering how much power the thing has.

  12. Sarah

    I thought my 3 year old Hoover was light and easy to push until I got my Kirby Sentria vacuum. The cleaning power and suction is 10 times better especially with the attachments. Even though my Hoover Wind Tunnel had an attachment for stairs it never cleaned well enough so I would hoist the whole vacuum up on the stairs.

    With the Kirby I simply take off the long push handle and attach a short one that lets me take advantage of the power in a much better position that doesn’t kill my back.

    I paid about $200 for my Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 and $275 for a separate carpet shampooer that soaked my carpet and the small brush attachment broke. I was ready to buy another shampooer and would have probably paid $300-$400.

    After seeing all the dirt my vacuum missed how could I keep using it in good conscious? Instead, at 33 years old I bought a Kirby at $1200 and plan to never have to purchase another vacuum or carpet cleaner as long as I live. I know I paid more than others, but I’m happy in my investment and plan to checkout more attachments for my hardwood floor.

    As for the bags, I ran all over town checking Best Buy, American, Target, Wal-mart (all places where I’d seen them before) and couldn’t find my Hoover bags. Finally I drove to Sears and found one. Kirby has a location nearby and is guaranteed to have my bags so I won’t be wasting time driving all over town.

  13. Anonymous

    Kirby needs better reps: I rate this page 6 Stars but the Kirby sales people don’t deserve a rate. I am very upset. saturday afternoon a young lady came to my door and said they were a new company in the area and to introduce themselves they were offering a free cleaning on a item of furniture or a rug…. I agreed and then it turns into 2 1/2 hours of telling me how dirty my house was, that my vacuum didn’t work and that if I didn’t buy the kirby… I didn’t care about the dirt in my home. They misrepresent who and what they did, as well as being insulting. She called her manager several times… and I was asked to talk to him and he also said I didn’t care about my home because I couldn’t purchase a vacuum for 3,000 dollars. I do not appreciate being lied to and then insulted. Even if I could afford the vacuum I wouldn’t have gotten it from them. I always held Kirby in high regard, but after this, I feel it was scam like and would not consider making a purchase of a Kirby anymore. I sure hope this is not the way you want your company represented, as it was a very negative experience.

  14. David

    Scam alarm: These people seemed far more interested in my personal information, than they were in actually demonstrating their system.

    They send a door-to-door person to my house, who explains that they’re willing to give me a free demonstration of their product in return for word-of-mouth advertising. I agree and give her my contact number.

    Two days later, they call me back, ostensibly to arrange a time for the presentation. But instead of booking a time and date (as they already have my address from the door-to-door rep), they proceed to ask me for my surname (not required to book an appointment), my marital status (again, not required to book an appointment), how many people live with me (again not required), and whether or not I own or rent my house.

    I didn’t give them any of the information, and when I asked why they needed it, the caller became hostile and terminated the call.

    Here’s your word of mouth – If someone tries to sell you one of these things, stay away. It seemed more like they were trying to scam me later, than actually do a demonstration.

  15. Anonymous

    Kirby Sentria: The Kirby Sentria is the best Home Care System i have ever used! I truly thank God for a System that cleans like the Sentria and I thank the Kirby Co. for designing a machine with the consumer in mind.

    Most cleaners i have used always seemed to be working fine for a month or two and then my carpet and the cleanness of our home would always end up in the same dirty condition. When the Kirby sales man came to our door we were dumb to Kirby and what it was. I am so glad we let the young man demonstrate the Kirby!!

    It is the best at suction and even has a Lifetime warranty that really doesn’t have any catches. It is not heavy and is very easy to push it actually gets the dirt out of the carpet and not just from the carpets surface but deep down dirt. I have three indoor cats and it is great with pet hair removal.

    I have allergies and since we started using the Kirby Sentria i can tell our home is clean, our carpet looks 100% better and the air is much cleaner i dust much less and we even don’t have to change the air conditioner filters out as often and when we do they are not near as dirty as they used to be. I absolutely love that i can vacuum my and my family’s mattress with the Kirby and get all of the dustmites out of our bedding.

    If you have never seen a Kirby i would highly suggest you do it ! If you have been a sceptic about door to door salesman you may be right about some of them but Kirby is definitely something you should see!one last thing. It also has a shampooer that comes with it along with a floor buffer and electric broom for those with bare floors that i love using in my kitchen.

    The shampooer is the best at removing spots and it even leaves a scotch guard on the carpet !! You must see this! I highly recommend the Kirby Sentra it is a great investment for the Home!

  16. Alice

    Okay, I like to clean:
    I also had a pushy sales person, and actually, I am glad I bought my Kirby Sentria.

    I, too, wish that I researched a little more and not paid as much as I did.

    I had a Dyson before and liked that I could dispose of the dirt each time instead of having a bag to replace.

    With all that being said, Man! This Kirby sucks!! lol

    I enjoy cleaning with it, because I feel like I am really getting my floors clean.

    I clean houses for a living, and one customer likes me to use her Rainbow vac. What a joke it is. I have to go over the same spot several times just to get a piece of lint up. Not the way I want to be spending my time!

    I like all the options of using the hose with my Kirby or the main vacuum. Yes, it takes some time to get used to the way to put it all together and take it back apart again, but if you clean often, you will have it down in no time.

    Watch the DVD that should come with it (my sales person shafted me on that). I had to order one from eBay!!

    I like being able to lift the vac up on furniture to suck out the gunk that gets on it. Although, I was a little scared it would rip the fabric right off my couch! It didn’t, thankfully. : )

  17. Timothy

    This is the greatest ever. I worked for them for a while in CT and FL anyone with complaints about the sales people being to aggressive is a moron. First that’s how they make money to feed their kids. Second if you don’t buy it than you must like dirt. No vacuum can out perform or last as long as a Kirby Sentria. It is worth every penny.

  18. Anonymous

    Kirby Sentria:

    Excellent vacuum power on floors and carpets
    Average noise
    Above average power
    Good Airflow in carpet cleaning and accessories
    Most accessories work well after you’ve tore vacuum cleaner apart to install them
    Durable heavy aluminum construction
    Emissions seem low

    Way over priced at over $1000 (Some salesmen start at over $2000 with all accessories!)
    Heavy vacuum cleaner–hard to move around for stairs etc.
    Tool use is extremely awkward in that you have to find the tools (they are in a separate container not on the vacuum) find the hose, disassemble the whole front end to attach the hose.
    Finding and attaching and then removing accessories is a 5-10 minute job–needed every time you need an attachment.

    After you are through using accessory you have to again tear apart the vacuum, reassemble the vacuum to get back to the original configuration. Grade D- for accessory ease of use
    On/off switch located for foot use–handle switch much more convenient
    Replacement HEPA dirt bags expensive and hard to find.
    Hard to use on unattached rugs as they are continually sucked into the vacuum as you vacuum near the edge of the rug

    Cord is of average length and has no power takeup
    Ease of use is harder than standard vacuum because of excess weight and very inconvenient tools
    Power head can only be turned off by removing it.
    Heavy construction may last a lifetime but it will take much longer to do the average vacuum job.

    Recommend to a friend? Not only NO but Hell NO.–much too expensive, heavy and awkward for what you get. You could buy about 5+ other excellent vacuums for the price of one of these!

  19. Shad

    Kirby Sentria: IF….you can afford it, get it. The fact I’ve looked into is that it takes 100 cfm (cubiic feet of airflow per minute) to lift sand out of carpet, and this thing has 129.2 cfm. The Dyson I traded in had 65 cfm and is the highest i’ve seen besides the kirby. I paid quite a price for the Kirby but if all it does is double the life of my carpet it’ll save more money than I paid. I’m very happy with it.

  20. Faith

    Sentria: I LOVE this vacuum. I upgraded from the Dyson Animal because I have a husband and 2 dogs. I vacuum weekly and just shampoo’d for the 3rd time in 6 months. I am always flabbergasted at the mess the shampooer cleans up. I love the furniture attachment with the spinning brush… it picks up EVERY SINGLE PIECE of dog hair from the sofa. Not kidding. Yes, my Kirby Sentria vacuum is a bit heavy (but so is my husband and I love him!), but I will deal knowing my carpet is clean. THIS VACUUM SUCKS!!

  21. thomas funk

    Kirby Sentria: We have a kirby sentria. it will be two years old in december. we have had no problems with it at all and my wife thinks it’s fantastic. it is easy for her to use. this is the second new kirby that we have owned and we also had good service with the old one, which by the way is still working well. if you want a vacuum that does an excellent job and last for a long time kirby is the brand to buy.

  22. John M.

    I looove my vacuum, the Kirby Sentria! While this vacuum did cost much more than I ever expected to spend on a vacuum, it was well worth every penny! It vacuums and carpet cleans so well! And the carpet dries super fast after a carpet cleaning too; only 45 minutes to an hour! I have yet to use it to buff my wood floors, but I can not wait to do so!

    Yes, the sales rep was very pushy, as you hear, but in a polite way! Lol! And if he hadn’t been so pushy, I never would have bought this amazing product!! So in short, pushy sales rep, yes, but amazing product! I’m even considering updating to the newest model out, the Diamond, just because I love the vacuum so much! I definitely recommend this vacuum!

  23. Tara

    My husband and I bought a Sentria based on Kirby’s past reputation. I had major reservations when we bought it despite it seeming to be a good system, but it was too expensive and I really loved my Dyson. My husband talked me into it.

    Well, after 5 months of use, I can say I despise my Kirby. Yes, it picks up dirt and dog hair very well. However, it is a maintenance hog, cumbersome, and heavy. There’s a good reason the distributors don’t have you pick up the thing when they demo it. It’s amazingly heavy and very hard to use on the stairs. I didn’t mind vacuuming before, but now it is a chore. I so regret giving up my Dyson as part of the deal.

    One other note, the sales technique was very underhanded. I thought I was getting a free shampooing of my house, which was what the sales pitch was. I was in the market for a carpet cleaner so I thought great I can see it demoed and then decide. What was supposed to be several rooms, turned into one room that barely got cleaned compared to the rental we got at home depot. They came back and recleaned the carpet, which did the trick. Since the carpet got clean with the heavier duty shampoo, we unfortunately decided to keep the vacuum cleaner. Also, they spent 4 hours in our home! They brought the price down from $1500 to $900 and took our Dyson. The loss of my Dyson hurts the most.

    Don’t make the same mistake we did. Kirby is an outdated system, still looking and feeling like it’s something out of the 1950s. Bagless is the way to go. So much easier and no maintenance cost! Additionally, the Dyson gives the Kirby a run for its money in power and beats the Kirby on ease of use. With it being half the cost, efficient, and effective, the Dyson is the much better deal.

    We had the Dyson 5 years and never had to replace a part; my first part replacement with the Kirby is 5 months…

  24. Joanne

    Do not waste your money. I have have the Kirby Sentria vacuum for a little over a year and am very disappointed with the quality and cleaning ability.

    I have several pets (cats, dogs and parrots) and the unit does not perform as well as my old Kenmore canister. I do not like the attachments on a separate holder and they are not easy to change at all. I am on my 4th belt and countless number of bags have been used. I tried the paper bags and they filled up faster than the “cloth” ones therefore negating any savings.

    The Kirby is very heavy and difficult to use on stairs. Customer Service is useless, they did not care that I was unhappy with the unit and of course would not take it back because it was over the 3 day return policy. I learned a very expensive lesson, never buy anything without thoroughly researching it.

  25. Kevin

    Sales Technique? Recently I had a Kirby salesman arrive at my door. He never identified himself as a Kirby salesman. He told me ‘he wasn’t selling anything’ and ‘for just 10 minutes of your time, we ask you to answer a survey.’ For that ten minutes of time I would receive a box of Bounce and ‘the kid would make 10 dollars.’ The next thing I knew two guys were walking into my house with a Kirby. One was not much more than a kid but the other was a man. Neither of them removed their shoes and I had just installed new carpet two months ago. They wanted to shampoo my new carpet. I told them that wasn’t going to happen as the manufacturer of my carpet had said never to use steam on it. The next thing I know they are showing off the Kirby and claiming everything they were getting up was filth. The carpet installer had told me that I would be finding fibers from the carpet for several months and that was normal. They then started to pull out the shampooer and were going to shampoo ‘just a little’. What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand? TWO AND ONE HALF HOURS later these guys are still trying to shove this thing down my throat. They were telling me it was the best price they ever gave anyone…$1429.00! They also ‘just knew’ my husband wouldn’t mind me spending that kind of money without discussing it with him! The next day my best friend who happens to live right down the street tells me she went through the same ordeal (and guess what…she was given the same amazing price.) Then she told me that they told her ‘the lady down the street is a real bitch.’ They were, of course, referring to me. Well, if you don’t want to deal with me stay out of my house with your wet, dirty shoes! I’ve use a Kirby in the past, found it way to heavy and difficult to work with. Heaven help the next Kirby salesman you try to send my way…

  26. Anonymous

    Fantastic Cleaning Machine: I am VERY HAPPY with my Kirby Sentria! It’s well worth the investment. Over the last 17 years that I’ve been married, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on vacuums that wear out after a couple years and hundreds more on shampooers that continually wear out. Not any more! I have a cleaning machine with a lifetime warranty that stands up to the test of time. My mother has a Kirby as well and it’s more than 20 years old. Still works perfect! I highly recommend purchasing a Kirby – you won’t be sorry.

  27. Anonymous

    I just bought my Kirby 2 days ago and just wanted to let everyone know that you CAN get their price down ALOT. I just paid $800 total for mine. has all the accessories and shampooer and the whole warranty, brand new in the box from the sales people that came to the door. I didn’t like the 45 minute “free carpet shampoo” taking 3 hours to sell it to me, but, if nothing else, I got the best price I have heard of anyone paying yet.

  28. Burgess from CT

    The Best: I just have to say the kirby sentria system is by far the most superior cleaning machine on the market hands down. I just browsed through the comments of others regarding the kirby, and the only type of people who despise the kirby those who do not know how to use the machine and also not aware of the potential of the machine. One its not just a vacuum: Its a up right,canister,hand portable,straight suction..shampooer, floor buffer,back massager!!also a wood sander,bath tub scour,furniture polisher,spray painter,mini leaf blower and the list goes on and on…but a lot of people don’t know this which is a result of the person who sold it to them..but other than that dyson and other vacs are a joke to the sentria. BEST THING I EVER BOUGHT:)

  29. Marie

    That wonderful machine, in just the demonstration alone, picked up so much dirt from my floor that it seemed as though we hadn’t vacuumed in a year. We have since used our Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner to clean spots off the rug that I thought were permanent. The high traffic areas resembled a dalmatian from all the spots.

    We have gotten the rugs cleaned professionally and also used a different name brand home steam cleaner that did not do even half as well as the Kirby did. It has made a visible difference in the amount of allergies I wake up with and the house just seems so much cleaner now.

    Plus, with three teenage boys and the 55 pound shedding dog, the attachments make it easier for the boys to spot treat or groom the dog with the attachments specially designed for it on an as needed basis. I love it and I recommend it for anyone with severe seasonal allergies or moderate asthma like me.

  30. JJ

    Sales People Knowledgeable: Nice well informed and competant sales team. Demo was thorough and well done. Still deciding on purchase.


  31. Anonymous

    Salesman and Vacuum: I use to sell kirbys. And I don’t like how people are stereotyping all salesman. I was definitely not pushy and was upfront and honest from the beginning. I am definitely not a “scam artist.” Just like any job that requires getting personal info I’m sure there are people that use that info for other things other than what is suppose to but we aren’t all that way. I sold many vacuums that way I have not had one complaint from anyone I sold to.I made sure everyone knew how to properly use there kirby before I left. For people having problems with their kirby I’m sorry because they really are the best vacuum. I own one myself. Just like everything else sometimes there are some that end up having problems but if you are using right you shouldn’t have problems. They go through very strict testing on each vacuum before they are even shipped to make sure they will work right. The reason the kirby is made of metal and heavy is for durability. Everything else is done the way it is because the majority of customers prefer it that way. Everything they do and how they do it is for customer satisfaction. I would much rather only have 1 machine that does it all and have to change things for different functions that having to have several machines. Of course kirby can’t please everyone. But anyone who likes quality and reliability will be satisfied with it.

  32. Anonymous

    Do not buy: I bought an expensive kirby 1 month ago and I hate it. It is heavy beyond belief. The attachments are difficult to put on and take off. Very time-consuming. The sale people were pushy and annoying. They took my dyson which was a far better vacuum. Buy a dyson!

  33. Amaryllis

    Questions: The salesman wouldn’t give us an extension on his offer and we never buy something this expensive without research. I can see why it needs to be demonstrated – it would take a lot of instruction to be able to operate all the Sentria features efficiently. It seems to be an amazing machine and I’d love to have one but am uncomfortable with the “now or never” approach. We didn’t buy but would still like to have the option to consider buying at the price finally offered. Our salesman-who-didn’t-make-a-sale was efficient and knowledgeable but went through the “let me call my boss” routine and with our permission used our landline to make a lengthy long-distance call to him when he couldn’t get a signal on his cell. I liked the Sentria but want reassurance that customer service will be there.

  34. Eleanor Littleton

    Heavy Sentria: It’s heavy and hard to put a belt on. I hate trying to change back from using tools to upright I’m going to buy another make. I’m very disappointed with it. It took me a long time to save the money I regret it now.

  35. Anonymous

    While the vacuum does a fairly good job I find it a pain in the butt. It is heavy to lift and the attachments are difficult to hook up.

    I bought a petmate vacuum cleaner by Eureka for $70 and if cleans as well if not better than a Kirby. The salesmen are high pressure and stay way too long in your home.

  36. NewYears1978

    Little Lesson: I wish more of the salesmen out there for Kirby took more time to tell consumers more about the product.

    There are reasons that it is one of the hardest and most cumbersome vacuums to use.

    For starters, the tools and belt. This is a major pain and one of the main turn offs for most consumers. However, people mistake this for bad design not knowing the reason.

    When Vacuums with motors first hit the market, they all used what are called direct air motors. These motors are a completely different style of motor than what most modern vacuum cleaners use. What direct air means is that the air that is being “pulled” is going directly through the motor. This means a couple of things. a) You have a motor that is very strong as it directly pulls air through it, which also provides you with center suction. Center suction is how all the early vacuums operated. What this means is that the suction for the unit is located in the center of the head rather than on the left or right side like most modern vacuums. What this does is give you good even suction across the head instead of strong suction only on one side. The downside is things picked up goes through the motor, so you can damage the motor if you use the machine improperly. b) That in order to have tools, you have to remove the belt so that you can attach a hose. Nearly direct air motors worked this way. If it is direct air AND center suction then you must have some for of hose that must be attached where the belt rides, thus creating a more troublesome use with tools. Later there were direct air units that were not center suction and thus had on board tools.

    The other complain with Kirby is that it is too heavy or awkward to use. Obviously this is due to the heavy construction. The Kirby is made to last you 20, 30 years or for life. Many people own a Kirby they got in the 40’s or 50’s and it still runs (although maintenance required) and cleans as well as many modern units.

    Now we all know the current model Kirby’s have transmissions and are self propelled. This alleviates most of the issues with pushing the unit..but some people still find it hard to use and cumbersome.

    The main cause of this is that most people use the vacuum improperly. I would say maybe 90% of all Kirby users probably lower the Kirby height adjustment to the lowest setting, thinking this makes it clean better. That is incorrect. What this actually does it cause the unit to seal off which strains the motor and makes it harder to push and more strain on the transmission.

    Anyways..I am probably at my word limit.. I am not even a huge Kirby fan, but I have repaired and sold all brands of vacuums for 20 years and just hate when I see products getting a bad reputation when not always founded. Sometimes this goes the other way, a bad product getting a good reputation which is also unfounded.

  37. Anonymous

    Kirby Vacuum: I think it would be a good investment, I had just cleaned my house from top to bottom, and can’t believe the dirt that was still in my rugs, alot of money, but I will say its a long demonstration, the salesman used my bathroom, asked for a bottle of water, and bummed two cigarettes off of me, also he did not have a pen or paper, on the brighter side, I did get a free shampoo on my living room rug, just don’t know if I am willing to shell out 1,400 for a vacuum

  38. Lorie Thomas

    Sentria – heavy vacuum but cleans great: I purchased my Kirby Sentria for $1400 cash. It is a very heavy machine but gives professional cleaning results. My carpet was completely matted due to the ineffective cleaner I had.

    The Kirby made it look brand new.My salesman was very nice. Not one bit pushy. After the demonstration I asked him to come back the next day ( sat.) so my husband could see it and he did. He did the demo all over and in a very timely manner.

    I did not buy the buffer or shampooer and got discounts for paying in full and senior. I am 63 years old but can still handle it and carry upstairs. Wish I had one 20 years ago.

  39. Pam

    The Kirby Sentria 11 is very noisy: I recently purchased a Kirby Sentria 11 vacuum cleaner and am not happy. The suction performance of the machine is incredibly good, but the noise level is so high hearing damage is a definite possibility/probability.

    The price of this unit should guarantee quality in both performance and user safety functions. This machine is so noisy I am afraid to use it without ear protectors we purchased for shooting!

    So far I am getting the run around from my local vendor. Consumer Reports rated this machine highly but I am appalled — both by my treatment by Kirby’s personnel regarding customer satisfaction and by the absolutely infernal noise that this machine makes.

  40. Melissa Still

    I just bought the Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner last night at my 8:00pm appointment for a free cleaning. I had to post a review immediately. This is a miracle!

    I was appalled at the sickening dirt, dust, grime, and skin this machine pulled up. The representative showed my husband and I how to accurately use the Sentria and used about 50 pads in different areas including carpet, ceiling fan, raised architecture and our bed and pillows! This morning I looked up reviews and I found great product reviews and then some not so great reviews about the sales people.

    I just want to say Mike from the Pensacola, Florida office was wonderful! He was helpful, educated and he was real with us. He worked with us on pricing and was really pleasant.

    Again, the Kirby Sentria is absolutely wonderful and works so well. I can’t wait to go home and clean the whole house with it!


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