Visitor Review: Rainbow D2 With Attachments

Rainbow D2 With Attachments

I owned one of the Rainbow D2 vacuum cleaners from 1974 till 2007 when it finally gave up the ghost after HARD service. Now I realize I could have had it rebuilt but my loss.

So I ordered another exact copy after trying several other brands which just did not hold up to the Rainbow.

The Rainbow D2 is by FAR the most powerful suction of them all and could be controlled with the air block / release on the stem of the extension so you could do curtains and suck up a bolt you dropped in a crevice with one turn of the wrist. I could not do without it any longer. Cannot believe it took me so long.

The water kept any dust particles trapped and could remove allergens from a room in a short time. I never found emptying the canister a problem though I have heard some complaints of it being difficult.

I just dumped it on a stony area outside the house and raked up the dog hair and particles into the garbage when it dried.


  1. Larry

    I don’t like using the Rainbow D2. Using water with dirt just makes mud. I hate it. I wish I would have kept my Kirby. No mud, all I had to do was put it in gear and it went by itself. My Rainbow I have to pull around everywhere I go. Overpriced, it doesn’t do everything the salesman said. I have asthma and the salesman told me it will help my asthma. What a joke.

  2. Lillie

    My Rainbow D2 has been really faithful and useful. It has helped clean sheet rock dust. Clean floor boards in cars. Help clean up coffee, pop, and tea from carpets.

    Now, my 37year old son has lost the straight metal
    wand, and don’t you know Mom is trying to replace it. Both the son and Rainbow, are in good shape, except the wand for the Rainbow. Thank You

  3. Pete

    I am still using my Rainbow D-2 unit that I bought in 1978 in Portland, Texas. I have not replaced any bearings or motor components.

    The powerhead is original. I have both carpets and hard wood floors in my current home. I have had to replace the drive belts about once per year. The powerhead drive motor is original.

    I paid about $700 for the unit back in ’78 from a Rexair – Rainbow independent distributor.

    I am more than satisfied with my investment.

  4. Anonymous

    I currently use a Rainbow D2 that my parents bought before I was born. I also have a slightly older one in almost perfect condition that I found at St Vincent de Pauls.

    Wow, this vacuum is better than anything made today, it is made of metal, and might be heavy. Although my 5′ mom never complained.

    Take good care of it, you’ll be able to give it to your kids..

    Makes that $1600 seem like not so much money any more, when you figure a 35+ year lifespan.


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