Visitor Review: Rainbow E2 Gold Model

Rainbow E2 Gold Model

The Rainbow E2 Gold Model vacuum cleaner is wonderful! It does so much.

My only recommendation is for those out making purchases – go to a store dealer instead of a door to door salesman.

The cost is extremely different! I paid $1799 + tax in home. I was told I was purchasing a 2008 model the e2 gold and today I learned that this is not the 2008 model! The 2008 model is the Rainbow e2 Blue and is more powerful!

I also learned that the cost for the 2008 model is $300 less at the store!!!!!!!!!

The company I purchased my model from was rude and disrespectful when I spoke with them. They got their money and don’t care about customer satisfaction – Buyers Beward!

I recommend the Rainbow store downtown Salisbury, NC but highly advise others to stay clear of Johnson Distributors Inc. in NC.


  1. Jesse Conrad

    Rainbow E-2 series machines are the best cleaners that money can buy. No filter out there is better than water. I am glad that you have one in your home, regardless of how rude the salesman, because it will end up being the best investment that you will make in time. The key is your investment into a machine that will help you protect your home in many ways. In the long run, you will save in carpet costs, hard wood floor replacement, furniture, vehicle, vinyl, tile flooring etc.

    And to correct you in your knowledge of the “Gold” & “Blue” Models, they dont exist. There is only one true E-2 machine. They only changed the colors as a facelift persay, and the only changes that were made with the color change is:

    1. Bigger hadwood floor tool with straight wand that locks into the pivoting, angled head which swivels when sweeping or mop and squeegeeing the floor.
    2. They re-designed the Power Nozzle Hose(the electricity hose) so you can run water through it to be able to use the new, motorized,Aquamate II shampooer.
    3. They added a “Cushion Crunch” bag that is strong and re-enforced at the seams to stay sealed against high pressure when using it to deep clean cushions, pillows, comforters, coats, stuffed animals, etc.
    4.They sealed the deal with the state of the art Aquamate II that they designed and built in hopes of creating the perfect shampooer for Rainbow owners around the world. What a success it has been for Rexair since it’s release this year.

    I am sorry to inform you further, but I assure you that there is no differences in the power of the motor that runs air through the Rainbow @ 90cfm, which moves the air through the Rainbow’s exhaust @ over 100(+)mph. In fact, no mechanical changes were made to the “motor housing unit”. Just cosmetic and tool upgrades including the “Crunch Bag” Trust me when I tell you that you got the Rainbow at a phenominal deal at $1900.00.

    Furthermore, no store in the world that is an actual, Distributor, for Rexair can sell the machines for $300.00 less than $1900.00. No possibility for anybody that markets Rainbows legally. The E-2 machine runs for $2289.95 (+) tax in PA, around $2400.00 in NJ, and $2800.00 in NY. That is the actual,current numbers of the prices in 2008. What factors into these price differences is the Cost of Living from state to state. The distributors have guidelines set through Rexair that must be strictly followed.

    If anyone has any questions or would like some additional information in purchasing an E-2 from an authorized Rexair distributor, then contact me, Jesse Conrad, @ Total Air Cleaning in Camp Hill, PA @ (717)763-7860. We will accomodate all your Rainbow needs. You owe it to yourself to see the wonders of our amazing “water machine”. Take a peak, you will thank me for it later!

  2. Anonymous

    Only late model 2007 and 2008 gold Rainbow E2 vacuums are the same as the blue ones. They have the foam inside the canister, which makes the motor quieter, and only some of them have the separator brush wrench holder on the bottom of them. They also have the computer, that has a red light on it. That is the biggest differences that you can easily identify a later E2 (gold or blue) or a earlier E2. All E2 blue and the later model E2 gold vacuums, are the exact same thing, other than some of the Gold ones do not have the brush wrench holder.

    As long as they have the foam, they are the exact same thing in every way, other than paint, stickers, and decals (the colors). That is it. They actually started making the 2008 Gold (later model) in mid to late 2006. The manufacturing dates on them, are in quarters. (306) = third quarter of 2006. The exact production model difference factors can vary, depending on the exact production run. In other words, some may, some may not, have the different various factors (brush wrench holder or even be a later model).

    I deal in Rainbows, and have for very many Years. I have had the late model gold E2’s as early as (306) third quarter of 2006 production date. I know very much about Rainbow vacuum systems. I can sell you one for about 1300.00 or so, depending on what all that you want with it. I can ship to. I sell on ebay also. You can see my listings there. Look for Rainbow vacuums, them look for the word under in the sellers name, and light, and Rainbow. That will be me. Sort by price highest first, and go downward. You will find me. I will be around 1200.00 to 1500.00 depending on that particular time.

  3. John

    By far this is best vacuum we have ever used. It was worth the investment. This vacuum will last for many years. It is the best engineered unit we have ever used. We love it.

  4. Mary and Mike

    Wondering if there is a smaller , apt. Sized rainbow vacuum ? We are seniors with lifting problems living in a small apt. Our thirty tear old rInbow is perfect but too heavy for us now , a bit cumbersome for us with disabiluties and a bit large ti store in our small apt.


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