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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Reviews And Ratings Of Popular Models

Cordless vacuum cleaners are ideal for vacuuming smaller studio apartments, kitchens and stairs. Browse through our reviews and ratings or if you're in a hurry, pick one from the list of best cordless vacuums we've prepared for you.

We are finding that more and more cordless vacuums are being offered for sale, not only for those small fast cleanup jobs, but for certain routine household tasks, such as getting rid of pet hair, as well.

There was a time when cordless vacuums were seen only on very rare occasions, and they weren't very reliable.

Today's models, however, are vast improvements over those earlier vacuum cleaners.

Many have suction power that is comparable to standard upright or canister vacuum cleaners.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

if you want to save some time researching and finding the best cordless vacuum cleaner, we've narrowed down the list of vacuums we've tested to top 3 cordless models.

They all provide good cleaning performance, especially on carpets, and their battery lasts long enough for simple cleaning tasks.

Recommended Models

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim

Price Range: $200-$300
This rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaner is extremely versatile. It is capable of cleaning those hard to get to spaces that larger vacuums cannot reach yet it is also powerful enough to handle routine household cleaning tasks with ease.

Best for: fast cleaning of hard floors, staircases, and even cars.

Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra EL1022A

Price Range: $100-$200
While it may not be as powerful as some other vacuum cleaners in its class, the Electrolux Ergorapido is an excellent choice for cleaning carpets and rugs with a short nap. This convertible cordless stick vacuum is capable of converting from a stick vac to a handheld and back with having to be burned off, making cleanups as fast as can be.

Best for: cleaning low pile rugs and carpets.

Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 Cordless Handheld

Price Range: $100-$200
Ideal for those small cleaning jobs around the house, the Hoover Platinum Linx BH 50030 Handheld is also great for cleaning automobile upholstery, floor mats and carpet.

Best for: cleaning flat surfaces, stairs and small messes.

Why Choose A Cordless Vacuum

Cordless vacuum is very maneuverable

When you think about it, cordless vacuum cleaners are the only reasonable choice for cleaning the upholstery, carpeting and floor mats in cars, trucks and minivans.

With a cordless machine, the user does not have to be concerned about being near an electrical outlet and moving about is far more easy than being tethered by a cord.

Not only are cordless vacuums ideal for keeping the family vehicles clean, they are also extremely useful when traveling, for getting rid of sand before going home from the beach and for all sorts of other on the go cleaning tasks.

With that in mind, one may wonder if there is any use for a cordless model in the home. The answer is a resounding 'yes'.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are ideal for sewing rooms, nurseries and workrooms.

While some manufacturers may suggest that cordless vacs are good for cleaning the entire house, we believe general household cleaning is impractical because of the short time that a cordless cleaner can be used before requiring a recharge – usually 15 to 20 minutes.

Cordless Vs. Corded Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vs. corded vacuum cleaner

The largest single advantage for using a cordless vacuum cleaner is maneuverability and mobility.

Without the constraints of a cord, the user can go anyplace he or she chooses without worrying about whether a cord is long enough or if an extension cord is needed.

On the other hand, cordless vacs can only be used for short periods of time before having to be recharged while a vacuum plugged in to an electrical outlet can go on for as long as the electric current is available.

In the end, the choice is that of the user. Which is most important... mobility or longevity? If mobility is the most desirable feature, then we recommend the cordless option.

If, however, your preference is to vacuum non-stop for extended periods of time, then by all means, the choice for you is a canister or an upright vacuum cleaner with a cord.

Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim

Price Range: $200-$300
The Dyson DC35 Digital Slim handheld cordless vacuum would be a welcome addition to any size home because of all of its unique, and quite frankly amazing cleaning capabilities.

Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra EL1022A

Price Range: $100-$200
The Electrolux Ergorapido stick vacuum cleaner is a practical vacuum for a small studio room with mostly carpeting. It's bagless so there's no need for bags but cleaning it can be somewhat messy.

Dyson DC16 Root6

Price Range: $100-$200
The Dyson DC16 handheld vacuum has the most suction power of all handhelds we tested. Buy only for cleaning up small messes as it lasts only 6 minutes.

Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 Cordless Handheld

Price Range: $100-$200
The Hoover Linx handheld cordless vacuum cleaner works best on flat surfaces and can even deal with pet hair - which is very rare for a handheld.

Shark Pet Perfect II (SV780) Handheld

Price Range: under $100
Shark handheld vacuums can be extremely light (under 1 kilogram) and still have excellent cleaning power.